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According to a Google search, Newport Cigarettes have the highest nicotine level and the nicotine level is closely related to the amount of tar.

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Q: What brand of cigarettes has the highest amount of tar and nicotine?
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What brand of cigarettes has the lowest amount of nicotine?


What Indian brand of cigarettes has the lowest amount of nicotine?

american spirit

What brand of cigarettes have the least nicotine?

According to Niki from Yahoo answers, here is what she says. "From what I have come across, Newport cigarettes neither have the highest nor the least amount of nicotine, tar, and CO. Here's a site that lists all of the cigarettes and their harmful substance contents by amount. Good luck =]"

Do electric cigarettes contain nicotine?

Yes. The little cartridge inside of it contains Nicotine and Flavor (Brand)

Do cloves have nicotine?

No. === === Yes, clove cigarettes do contain nicotine. Many, such as the brand Djarum Black, may contain nearly twice as much nicotine as the average cigarette.

Is marlboro a drug?

Nope - Marlboro is a brand name of a company who makes cigarettes. The cigarettes have lots of different drugs in them though, like nicotine.

What brand of smokeless tobacco has the least amount of nicotine?


How many cigarettes is a 7mg nicotine patch equivalant too?

4 to 6 depending on the smoke brand

How much tar and nicotine are in each cigarette brand?

The amount of tar and nicotine in a cigarette has the information on the package given by the brand. All brands are not the same.

What brand of smokeless tobacco has the LOWEST amount of nicotine?

kayak grape

What brand of chewing tobacco has highest amount of nitrosamines?

"NaTongadaMironga" and "Dokabuletê" have the highest amount.

How many milligrams of nicotine in benson and hedges smooth?

This is a brand of cigarettes that are actually cheaper than most popular brands. It is made with a special blend of tobacco with a rate of .08 mg of nicotine.

Is there nicotine in skydancer cigarettes?

Yes, there is nicotine. However, there are no chemicals or additives in this brand of cigarettes. You can purchase these all natural cigarettes for $23.00 a carton or $2.75 a pack at the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop in Palm Springs, CA or online at For genuine customer reviews, please visit our smoking forum at

What has the author Jesse Eaglin written?

Jesse Eaglin has written: 'The CC cough-fin brand cigarettes' -- subject(s): Nicotine addiction, Smoking

What brand of cigarettes is worse for you?

All of them are bad. There is no "good" cigarette. Even "light" brands as you end up inhaling more and deeper to get the same level of nicotine.

Can kids use ice cigarettes?

No, kids cannot use Ice brand e-cigarettes. You have to be a minimum of 18 years old, and 19 in certain states to purchase tobacco products. And as far as e-cigarettes go, they contain nicotine. In this sense, they are considered tobacco products.

What brand of cigarettes did Fred Flintstone smoke in the animated series?

"Winston" brand cigarettes .

What cigarette brand carries more nicotine?

Black & Mild's have the most nicotine

What are Marlboros?

A brand of cigarettes

Average price of cigarettes in 2009?

In Washington state, which has one of the highest state taxes, a pack of cigarettes cost anywhere from seven dollars to eight fifty per pack. depending on brand and location.

Which brand of cigarettes did martin Luther king smoke?

True cigarettes

What brand of cigarettes does Kristen Stewart smoke?

She smokes parliament cigarettes.

What year did Lucky Brand cigarettes first hit the market?

Luck Strike Brand cigarettes were introduced in 1871. The cigarettes gained fame and were the top selling brand in the 1930's. Their popularity has since declined.

John player is a brand of?

John Player is a brand of cigarettes

What brand of cigarette has the lowest nicotine?