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its hubba bubba
stride and 5gum mint flavor

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Q: What brand of gum lasts longest?
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What brand of mint gum lasts the longest?


What gum brand lasts the longest?

5 gum keeps the best. By that I mean it's flavor lasts longer.

What brand of gum do you think lasts the longest?

orbit. stride lasts the least amount of time.

A science fair project about gum?

do all brands of gum make the same size bubble? which bubble gum brand lasts the longest?

What extra gum flavor lasts the longest?

winter mint extra gum flavor lasts the longest

Which gum flavor lasts the longest?

5 gum

Which gum is lasts the longest?


Which chewing gum lasts the longest?

Colbolt five gum lasts the longest or any kind of five gum, but i prefer colbolt the blue kind :D

Which flavor gum last the longest?

trident lasts the longest

Which gum lasts the longest between 5 gum and doublemint?

5 gum

What gum lasts the longest?

Trident Layers

You are doing a project of which gum flavor lasts longest what do you do?

the gum with more sugar has the longest lasting flavor.

What Gum flavor lasts The Longeat?

The new 5 gum lasts the longest. The blue one, to be more specific...

What brand of gum lasts the longestprocedue?


Which gum last the longest any kind?

the answer is orbit gum minty gum lasts longer

Which battery brand lasts longer?

Energizer lasts the longest

Which gum loses its flavor fastest sour gum or regular gum?

The regular gum lasts longest. Gum gum gum

Which bubble flavor last the longest?

The gum extra lasts the longest YUM!!!

What brand of nail polish lasts the longest?

Rimmel lasts weeks for me

Which gum lasts the longest out of juicy fruit and orbit?


Which gum brand holds the longest flavor?

The gum brand that holds the longest flavour is undoubtedly '5' It's refreshing and is very strong.

Which brand of chewing gum holds the most flavor?

the funny thing is is that this was my science fair project....and "found" out that Stride lasts the longest....... lol

What type of chewing gum last the longest?

5 gum lasts a pretty long time. Any long stick of gum in general lasts longer and has more flavor.

Which brand of bubble gum lasts longer?

trident layers.

Which flavor of Trident gum lasts the longest spearmint original or berry?

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