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AC Delco, and the original plugs will have a colored dot on the spark plug wire end of the plug. That indicates factory installed parts.

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Where is duck brand factory?

The Duck Brand Factory is located in Avon,OH.

Who makes Pontiac cars?

The Pontiac brand was a division of General Motors. The brand was discontinued in 2009 due to financial woes, with all of the Pontiac dealers closing by 2010.

Where can one find information about the auto brand Pontiac?

One can find information about the auto brand Pontiac by going online to the official Pontiac website. A dedicated agent will be happy to give you information on Pontiac.

Definition of exclusive brand outlet?

An exclusive brand outlet is a discount or factory store for an exclusive, luxury, or designer brand. For example, a Coach factory store is an exclusive brand outlet.

Does gm make jeep and Pontiac?

Gm does make Pontiac, but Jeep is a Chrysler brand.

Is the Intel Desktop Board DP45SG motherboard producted by a warranty of any sorts?

A brand new Intel Desktop Board DP45SG will carry a factory warranty if professionally installed.

Is there any difference between brand name and factory name?

yes. the brand is the company that invented it. the factory is the place where they make the product

How much does a pontiac gt cost?

The Pontiac brand is defunct and has not been built since 2010.

What does a 2015 Pontiac firebird have in it?

There is no 2015 Pontiac Firebird or any other Pontiac. The last Pontiac Firebird was made in 2002. Pontiac is a defunct brand that has not been produced since 2010.

Where was the 2007 Pontiac G6 produced?

The 2007 Pontiac G6 was produced in the United States of America under the Pontiac Brand. It was the successor to the Grand Am, another popular Pontiac car.

What brand tire comes on a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville?


Which are the best spark plugs brand to use for 2001 Saturn?

The best spark plugs are the original equipment plugs that were installed by the manufacturer at the factory. Sometimes you may need to go to a dealer to get the exact plugs.

What is the brand new price on a 1999 Pontiac sunbird?

The last model year for a Pontiac sunbird was 1995. It was replaced by the Pontiac Sunfire, which is no longer in production either.

Which big brand has factory in china?

General Motors

Why is Pontiac is now gone?

You would have to ask the head honcho's at General Motors. They made the determination that the Pontiac brand was not profitable.

Do Pontiac dealers service only Pontiac brand?

Not necessarily. Many Pontiac dealerships are teamed up with other large brand names. Some of these brands may include Buick and GMC. So even though the range of cars that can be serviced at a Pontiac dealership is small, it is not solely restricted to the Pontiac make of car. You can also try giving your local Pontiac dealer a call and see what their specifications are on this subject.

How much did a 1985 Pontiac Fiero cost brand new?

about 10k

Where are cookies made?

Need brand to provide factory locations.

Car brand that starts with x?

Assuming by brand you mean make i.e. chevrolet, ford, pontiac. No there is no "brand" that starts with x. However if you meant brand as in model, yes there is. the Nissan Xterra.

Do they still make Pontiacs?

No, GM ceased production of the Pontiac brand in 2010.

What factory brand of speakers does Suzuki have?

Mostly Clarion, like the radios

Does duck brand duck tape offer factory tours?

No, I wish.

Who makes BJ's house brand Rozzano?

The Berkley and Jensen production factory produces the bj house brand Rozzano

What type of transmission fluid does a Pontiac Bonneville use?

Dextron III any brand.

What is car brand that went out business a while back?

mercury pontiac saturn oldsmobile