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Brembo makes a very good big brake upgrade for the SC300. It's a little costly, but its worth it if you need to stop on a dime.


I agree Bembro makes a top of the line brake assmply- very pretty too. I have purchased my last four sets for an LS400 on E--Bay. I find the "Automotive" section of E-bay quite reliable. I usually "sniper" the bid in the closing seconds and get very good results on price. Watch the Power Steering if you haven't run into issues already... power sterring resoivoir and motor leaks are common in my expeerience in several models. 2Dynamic


Agreed. The Brembo big brake kit is a sweet setup. You could also look for Toyota Supra Rotors and Calipers on eBay, as I'm fairly certain they're plug and play with the SC.


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