What breed is the dog in Keeping Up appearances?

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I think it's a Scottish Deerhound; that's why Hyacinth referred to it as being of foreign extraction.
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Does the hair or fur of certain breeds of dogs keep them insulated and cool in the heat?

Yes. One of the BEST BREEDS are GREAT PYRENEES. they have 2 coats.one keeps them warm the other keeps them cool. However, like thenext poster says temps for dogs and humans are different so youdon't leave even a great Pyrenees out on 100 degree weatherthinking it will stay cool. Answer Thick coat ( Full Answer )

When do you breed your dog?

if you have a female only breed her once a year male you can breed more than once a year There are so many dogs without homes, why add to the problem. All puppies are cute but they grow up then some people don't think they're so cute anymore. Off to the shelter or dump by the side of the road, ( Full Answer )

What are dog breeds?

Dog breeds are basically a "type" of dog. Some examples are Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terrier, Puli, Afghan Hound etc. etc blah blah blah! Whereas such titles as sheepdog, terrier, spaniel, etc. relate more to the breed's original/current use. Take the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. They are a span ( Full Answer )

What do you if your neighbors don't keep their dog tied up and it keeps coming to your house?

Shoot it. It's not cruelty if it's already dead.. Answer . Pets are to be controlled by their owners. If you have discussed this issue with your neighbors, but it still occurs, then you may put in a complaint with the police department. Some pet owners have received a summons because of this ver ( Full Answer )

When do dogs breed?

Dogs tend to mate whenever an intact male can find a female inheat. . They mate when they want to. When they are brought together for breeding purposes. Female dogs only come into heat 2 times a year. So that means a female dog can only have two litters a yr. The best time to mate two dogs is whi ( Full Answer )

What are the breeds of dog?

There are many different types of dog breed including mutts and crossbreeds. There are more than 200 and way too many to list on this website. Some examples are American cocker spanielbolognesecavalier king Charles spanieldoberman pinscherenglish cocker spanielfinnish spitzgordon setterhovanesejapan ( Full Answer )

Why does my dog keep trying to throw up?

Chances are it is something minor, like grass or food, but in out case our dog had paralysis tick poisoning. We noticed a tick on him around 5pm but had no signs of poisoning (wobbly legs). We took him to the vet, they removed the tick and said to watch him carefully. By 11pm he was breathing sharpl ( Full Answer )

What breed of dog?

The breed of dog is the classification of dog types. Some breed examples are Terrier, Labrador, Husky, Beagle, Doberman or German Shepherd.

Our dog keeps looking up and seems scared of something?

Dogs have been said to have a sixth sense. People claim their dogs can see ghosts and also they canpredict bad weater conditions. If there is a storm your dog will act wierd and maybe even scared for a while.

How does a dog breed?

you have to get 2 dogs that are down to have fun and have them get together and make sweet delicious love together and then you get an old guy who likes to lick on juices dogs and get him to join

How do you keep dogs from tearing up vinyl siding?

The key component of this question deals with canine psychology. Keeping dogs from doing anything unwanted is a challenge best met with repetitive training. The vet can direct you to training resources to modify the dogs' behaviors.. From a construction standpoint, you have some options for direct ( Full Answer )

When can you breed your dog?

Actually, that statement below is absolutely ignorant. A) Breed your dog if you want, but be responsible about it. Make sure the dog you're breeding your dog with is in good health and all of that. And the person you are selling the pup to is a good person. B) The female needs to have gone through a ( Full Answer )

A dog which breed?

Read up on dog traits at sites like AKC.com and dogbreedinfo.com. The 2nd one has a quiz you can take to determine what dog breeds you might like best. Be sure you are really serious about getting a dog. They are a lot of work, require patience, and live for a long time. Give yourself several month ( Full Answer )

Which breeds in your mixed breed dog?

Well there are about 600 dog breeds so think how many dog mixs there can be so you might have to do some research. It might be a labradoodle, poodle-lab mix or a aussiedoodle, poodle-aussie mix so talk to your vet or do some research.

What does it mean if a dog keep bringing up foam?

It means the dog needs a trip to the veterinarian. I just came in from a walk. My dog that was perfectly healthy for the last 2 years up until the last hour now is puking foam and eating carpet fibers. He is very restless. When we were out walking, he got burrs stuck in his paw. He tried to get ( Full Answer )

Dog is throwing up and not keeping down water?

A dog can become dehydrated very quickly. Throwing up is never good and can cause dehydration, and if the dog can't even hold down water, that makes it worse. Take your dog to the vet.

Is a Yorkie a suitable breed of dog to keep if you have allergies?

Note with any breed of dog (and also cats) the animals's saliva can also make you itch or provoke allergic reactions. Wash your hands after patting, and don't rub your eyes. Gradual exposure is part of the answer. Animals that lick themselves, such as cats, are therefore worse. Try visiting some ( Full Answer )

Will bringing a dog with another breed mess up the bloodline?

IF you're talking about breeding then yes, having one breed of dog breed to another breed of dog will make it a cross-breed meaning it's bloodlines are not pure and breeding it to another purebred of what it's parents(either sire or dam) won't make a purebred puppy. But if you're talking about just ( Full Answer )

When can a dog breed?

At the appropreiate age for a Bitch to breed would be around the age 9-10 months. This is usually where the Bitch , would go into her first heat also allowing the eggs to be fertile. I do not think you should breed her right away at that age; only because she is still a pup herself. Allowing the ( Full Answer )

Why does your dog keep rubbing his butt up and down on your couch?

He is either scenting where he sleeps or is trying to empty his anal sac. Anal sac is positioned just inside his anus and fills with a liquid. It should empty during bowl movement but if not the dog will try to empty it himself by rubbing his bum along the floor or anywhere else he sees fit! You can ( Full Answer )

What 2 breed of of dogs make up English bulldog?

Unlike a lot of dogs, the English bulldog was not created by crossing two specific dog breeds together but was rather developed by crossing a variety of different dogs in an attempt to make the ultimate bull-baiting dog. What dog-breeders would look for in dogs was short snouts, strong jaws, muscula ( Full Answer )

Is it all right to keep breeding the same dog?

Dogs should be at least one year of age and in good health before breeding. In my opinion, one litter a year is healthy for a dog. And breeding should stop when they are over 6 years old.

Where are they now The cast of keeping up appearance?

As of May 10, 2014, the main cast of "Keeping Up Appearances,"including Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift, Judy Cornwell, andJosephine Tewson are alive and some are still acting. Actor,Geoffrey Hughes passed away in 2012.

How is a dog breed to keep bloodline strong?

If your dog is AKC registered then only breed with a AKC dog make sure the other dog is healthy and also has a good strong bloodline,ask for proof of papers and vet visits.

Why do you breed your dogs?

A good breeder breeds for genetics, in my opinion. I would breed two healthy dogs for statistics, coat color, other genetics, ect. If you have two healthy dogs of the same breed, coat color DNA, and they've been tested for fleas, worms, given their shots, trained, and tested by a vet to make sure th ( Full Answer )

What two breeds of dogs make up a German Sheperd?

German Shepherds are purebred dogs, but all purebreds are derivatives (after all purebred is man-made) , and stem from carefully breeding selective traits in other breeds until there is minimal variation in the resulting litters; some are newer than others, Doberman Pincers are a basic refinement of ( Full Answer )

What breeds make up a prestacanrian dog?

The Presa Canario is dog breed from the Canary Islands. It is a breed. It is illegal in some places because it is very large and aggressive.

When can you breed your Dogs?

They have to be at least 2 years old to legally breed. But this law is stupid tough since some dogs age differently than others.

What breed of dogs make up a pit pull?

If you use the correct categorization pit bull is a Staffordshire Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, or an American Pit Bull Terrier. However, any dog with a bull-terrier type body is stated to be a pit bull, including any bull dog mixed with many of the terriers or molossers, or any mix ( Full Answer )

Why does your dog keep gagging and trying to cough something up?

Obviously, I am no animal diognostician however, my West Highland White terrier has recently been ripping up grass and munching on it - my Father and I though this was really abnormal considering she has never done this kind of thing in the past. However, once researching into this little inciden ( Full Answer )

Do you like Keeping up Appearances?

My opinion is: Yes, I love it. I think that every episode is funny and my whole family will watch it. I started watching it years ago! But others may not like it.

What was the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances about?

Keeping Up Appearances is a British sitcom about the life of an eccentric woman who appears to be something she is not. It jokes about persons who try to climb up the social ladder and portray the upper class lifestyle while living one of a lower class.

What breed of dog curls their tongue up?

The Pug dog is most known for doing this. It has a squashed like face which can make breathing sometimes difficult especially in summer. Also the pug has rolled layers of fat on its back which can make it quiet hot. Since dogs cant sweat they use there tongue to get cool. However since many dogs do ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Keeping Up Appearances - 1990?

The cast of Keeping Up Appearances - 1990 includes: Pamela Abbott as lady at Church Pamela Abbott as The driver Tony Aitken as the TV Repairman Bruce Alexander as the Doctor Jean Anderson as Mrs. Fortescue Bernard Archard as The hotel guest John Arnatt as Sir Edward David Ashford as The auction assi ( Full Answer )