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What breeds are made from selective breeding?


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July 01, 2010 4:53PM

all breeds of animal can be selective breed

DaveScriv added: Indeed all breeds of domestic livestock were created by selective breeding, although it looks more obvious on some than others. Taking a few chicken breeds as examples, Drentse & Friesians (both from The Netherlands) don't look much different from wild Jungle Fowl in size & shape (although bred in many plumage colour varieties, most of which are different from JF colours), so don't look as though they've been subjected to much selective breeding, but they've still been selectively bred to an extent, and have existed for over 1000 years (long before they were 'officially recognised breeds') in their home regions to be active little birds which could find most of their own food (their original peasant owners couldn't spare much valuable grain in this mainly cattle/pasture region) and be nimble and alert enough to avoid being eaten by foxes. The Netherlands is also one home country of Sabelpoot Bantams (also developed in England as 'Booted Bantams' & Germany as 'Federfussige Zwerghuhner', one of the most extreme (huge feathering on legs & feet, plus an wide range of plumage colours & patterns) and obvious examples of selective breeding. Some of the colour varieties are fairly new, but Booteds/Federfussiges/Sabelpoots generally were first developed well over 200 years ago. Google the breed names to get pictures.