What breeds of dogs would be able to live happily in a small apartment?

Small dogs are great, ones that don't need very regular assisted exercise, if you have a balcony, or access to an out door area where pets are permited then this is much more ideal, just be careful not to get a dog you don't have time for, they are social animals and usually need a lot of attention. make sure you can give it access to open air and sunlight. small dogs such as a Dachshund, Maltese, Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire Terrier, and Bichon Frise may suite your lifestyle but you should go to a professional breeder and get advise form experts as to what would suite you.

large breeds can in fact be as good or better than small dogs because many are happy lying around all day and do not need much exercise. small dogs are good too but sometimes can be hyper and destructive if not exercised enough. any dog can live in an apartment if exercised a good amount. don't get a border collie or that sort of breed tho, they are probably the only ones who really need a farm or large yard and are pretty hyper otherwise.

I agree that Larger breeds can sometimes be better than smaller breeds.. provided you give them a good solid hour of exercise a day... Some of the best larger breeds are Afgans,Greyhounds,Great Danes... I myself have had a Great Dane (in a very small one bedroom apartment).. who was more content to lay around the house than to do anything else.. my pom is a hyper one who will get into just about anything if not paid attention to... It really all depends on what you are looking for in the dog... Just know that any breed of dog can be good for apartment life {even though some may be considered more suitable than others}.... Provided you are capable of meeting all of their mental and physical needs on a regular basis.... REMEMBER if any dog(regaurdless of breed) gets bored it has the potential to become destructive..... I suggest you log onto the AKC website and take a look at the different breeds {and their overall care requirements} that are available to you... Find one that fits your lifestyle.... Good luck!!!!!

The toy breeds are bred to live in small spaces, and get most of the exercise they need just trotting around the house. The working breeds and terriers would be more unhappy as they are meant to be busy and active. Having said that, some breeds, such as the greyhound, can live quite happily in a small space, and are quiet, shed little, and have very little doggy odor, as long as you are willing to take them on a three mile walk once a day, plus opportunities to go out for potty breaks.

I have had 2 different Lhasa Apsos and they are excellent for small apartments. They are very easy to house train, don't tear or chew up anything and don't "pull stunts" when you leave them in there all day. But trust me they do have plenty of personality!!!

I live in a small cottage style rancher and have one Bichon Frise (full of energy and could run circles around a Jack Russell) and also a cockapoo x terrier mix that is the same. They play well together and can be left alone (but walked every day) and do not destroy the house. I also have a 9 year old tabby cat and 3 of them get along so good and actually play together. My brother lives in 2500 foot home and has a Newfoundland cross and a German Shepherd cross and they do well in the house, but have a large yard to run around in all day as well as my nephews taking them for walks every day.

Small dogs need less food, they are easy to stick in the bath tub and keep clean, they can be "a big dog in a little body".

The other posters gave you great advice. I suggest if you are also looking for security when you walk anywhere on the weekend then get a larger dog although small dogs can run up a person's leg like a rusty can opener. I take my dogs up trails and once a man came by (nothing wrong with him) but he stumbled and fell towards me. My Bichon charged at him bearing her teeth and I had to give her a command to stop. She is 20 lbs. of rock hard muscle and she is extremely fast on all fours. She would have bit him because she thought he was going to hurt me. Big or small dogs make great companions.