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Both World War I, and World War 2, brought France and Great Britain closer as allies, to fight the German Kaiser (WW I) and Hitler and Nazis Germany (WW II).

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The Channel islands are closer to France than Britain. The Channel islands are closer to France than Britain.

It was a very logical purchase. The US and France were allies (both having been recently or currently in conflict with Britain) and the US was a lot closer to Louisiana than France was, and therefore could much more easily incorporate it into its political structure.

These two battles in the Pacific brought the Allies that much closer to the island-nation of Japan . Iwo Jima and Okinawa both had airfields enabling the Allies to easily bomb Japan .

Revealed German plans to involve Mexico in the World War against the allies.

The Isle of Guernsey is in the southern English Channel, and it appears to be closer to France than to Great Britain.

Britain declaring war on Germany. Germany declaring war on America.

it is because we get the information within seconds as it was not there in the before. It means it brought the world closer to us.

The allies tricke the Germans into spliting there force by sending a double agent to say they where going to land at Pas- de-Calais, which is closer to Engalnd

It was the first successful invasion on Nazi occupied France and broke Germany's 'fortress europa' allowing the Allies to advance slowly closer to Berlin and as they were getting closer to Berlin they were freeing France from German control at the same time.

The most Southerly county is Jersey, in the Channel Islands. Despite being closer to France, it is still listed as a British County. ___ Cornwall. The Channel Islands are not part of Britain.

Because a soldie accidentaly shot a colonist and the colonists were mad so they begun the war

first answer: the Germans never thought they would land in France, they thought they would land either in Italy or Africa. second correct answer: In World War 2, the Germans thought that when the Allies invaded France, that the Allies would choose to land at the Pas-de-Calais area. The Allies landed in the Normandy area instead. From the German point of view, the Pas-de-Calais area was the obvious choice. It was closer to England and the fastest way to invade Germany and seize the Ruhr industrial region.

They are located on the Channel Islands. This is at the bottom of England, between France and England, but closer to France, thse are small island in the channel islands, also in the baliwick of Guernsey.

It brought people closer.

It was a further humiliation for McLellan, and brought Lincoln closer to firing him. It raised Confederate morale, andgave Lee the confidence to plan his invasion of Pennsylvania. This would fail, and Lincoln would then have the credibility to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which had the effect of keeping Britain and France from helping the Confederates.

when an object is brought closer to the lens of a camera it gets smaller so that we could capture it properly. such lenses in a camera are conclave.

The Spanish civil war brought Italy and Germany closer together, drawing Italy away from Britain and France, it meant that the fascist rulers of Spain would be friendly to the axis, and it also gave the German army/Luftwaffe valuable combat experience that other nations did not.

Yes, the equator is closer to Africa.

If you know then just answer it man....

At its closest point, France is only 22 miles from southeast England.

Benito Mussolini did not trust Hitler and at the time was a member of the League of Nations and closer to France and Britain. He also did not want an upcoming powerful Germany on his doorstep.

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