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It could be a Carpenter Bee if it flies. It is most likely a carrion beetles This is a website to learn more about them; :)

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What bug is black and yellow striped?

A Bug that is Black with yellow stripes,is a Potato Bug.

What is Small black bug with yellow stripe found in kitchen drawers?

A small black bug with yellow stripes that is found in kitchen drawers can be either a beetle or a bug called "yellow jacket".

What bug is yellow and black has red eyes and flies?

Eastern box elder bug

What kind of bug is small black and has yellow spots?

A kind of bug that is small, black and has yellow spots might be a beetle from the ladybug family. Ladybugs come in black, red, and orange. The black ladybug has yellow spots and likes to interfere when someone is outside trying to enjoy a picnic.

What kind of bug has yellow orange and black stripes with four legs?

A bee has yellow, orange, and black stripes and four legs.

What bug is long yellow has two black spots and a stinger?

It is a wasp

What bug is black and yellow with 6 legs?

The Colorado potato beetle.

What bug is yellow with black spots?

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

What UK bug has wings and yellow and black stripes?

Wasps and hornets

What kind of a bug has a hard yellow shell with black spots?

A hard yellow shelled bug with black spots might be a young lady bug. They can also be red, and in some cases may even appear orange. They are mostly seen in the summer time.

What is a beetle with black body and one yellow stripe on back and red under tail and no wings?

There is not any data for a black beetle with a yellow stripe and red tail. You may be looking at the fourlined plant bug. The fourlined plant bug is black and yellow striped but does not have a red tail.

What bug is black with yellow spots?

Multiple bugs are black with yellow spots. One of the most common is the strawberry sap beetle. Another is the yellow-spotted soldier beetle.

What bug has long torso yellow and black stripes and long stinger?


What type of bug has horizontal yellow and black stripes on lower half?

Yellow jackets are native to North America but are not true hornets. They have horizontal yellow and black stripes on the lower half.

What bug is black and yellow with 6 legs besides the Colorado potato beetle?

a bumble be

What bug has black wings yellow thorax with black dot in the middle of the yellow?

The American bumblebee has black wings with a yellow thorax, and a black dot in the middle of the yellow. American bumble bees are industrial insects that pollinate garden plants and crops to feed their young and provide honey.

What are yellow bugs with black spikes that are eating the leaves of your zucchini plants?

They are lady bug larvae

What attracts bugs to light especially to a black light and not to yellow bug lights?

your ugly face

What is the prevention of the yellow fever?

bug nets, bug spray, and the yellow fever vaccine

What kind of bug has a hard shell with a yellow stripe around its middle?

The larder beetle is a hard shelled bug with a yellow strip around its middle. They usually have a black body and are about three-eighth of an inch long.

What kind of bug has a black shell with yellow stripes?

So far all I could fine is it is a beetle.

Yellow black bug that looks like a bee without wings?

There are a few insects that look like bees. Insects which are yellow and black in color without wings can be species of ants or caterpillars.

A black white striped bug that looks like a bee?

A black and white striped bug that looks like a bee is called a sand wasp. Although sand wasps are normally black and yellow in color, there are other types that are black and white and have green eyes.

What kind of black bug looks like a small beetle type with a tan or yellow ring around the center of it's body and seems to like wood?

There is a bug in Texas which has a black body and a yellow ring on its rear end. This insect is called the Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle.

What herbie movie had the black bug in it?

the one with the black bug in it

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