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One of 4:

First Choice: The Side light (first click on rotating switch). 5w capless. 90114440. (though now has changed number). cheap. About £0.60.

Second & third Choice: Second click on rotary headlamp switch:

Dipped beam, Choice of 2.

If you are lucky, 91149650. (again changed part no, twice) about £7.

If unlucky, it's a Xenon Headlamp. Number unknown. About £120. (Ouch!) or the control unit, about the same price, or both. Double Ouch. £240 for a blown bulb!

Forth: the main beam bulb. (blue indicator light on dash), seem to last forever, can't remember when I last sold one, or price, but I think less than £10.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-12 20:08:37
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Q: What bulb do you need for a 1997 vectra headlight?
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How to change the headlight bulb in a Daewoo Matiz?

You cannot replace the headlight bulb. You need to buy a new headlight unit.

How do you change a 2004 Nissan altima headlight bulb?

My headlight is not working on the passengers side. Do I need to change out the headlight assembly or can I simply change out the bulb? My headlight is not working on the passengers side. Do I need to change out the headlight assembly or can I simply change out the bulb?

How do you replace a headlight bulb on a 2005 Chevy Malibu?

You will need to take the complete headlight assembly loose or out to get to the bulb to change it.

How do you change headlight bulb on a 2007 Honda Fit?

Changing a 2007 headlight bulb is very easy. You will need to open the hood and find the bulb at the corner of the headlight assembly. Then you will turn the bulb socket counter clockwise to remove. After the bulb is out, you will replace it with a new one and screw it back into the headlight assembly.

How do you change headlight bulb on Ford Fiesta 2006?

All you will need to change the bulb is a screwdriver and a new bulb. Remove the headlight cover using the screwdriver and remove the burnt out bulb. Once out, you can insert a new bulb into the slot and replace the headlight cover.

How do you remove headlight assembly in 1997 es300 Lexus to changer bulb after removing small Phillips head screw from bracket?

The headlight assembly does not need to be removed in order to change a light bulb. Take hold of the light bulb connector. Push the connector in and turn to the left at the same time. The light bulb will come out.

Why 2003 Sunfire headlight dim?

The headlight of yourÊ2003 Sunfire is probably dimming because the bulb is dying. ÊYou will need to have this bulb replaced.

How do you replace headlight bulb on 2000 e430 Mercedes Benz?

To replace a headlight bulb, you will first need to remove the cover and existing bulb. Check your owners manual for instructions on how to do this.

Can you fit a vectra headlights of the year 2000 in a vectra of the 97 the vectra of 2000 the indicators come together with the headlight but the vectra of 97 came separate please help?

yes you can but you'll need to cut off the indicator locating bracket

How do you take out the headlight assembly to change the bulb on a 99 grandam se?

No need to remove the headlight assembly. twist & remove the light bulb from the rear of the headlight assembly. Do not touch the new bulb glass with your hands. Oils from your hands will cause bulb failure.

What size bulb do you need for a 1999 ford ranger headlight?

# 9007

How do change the headlight bulb in a Suzuki swift?

Need to remove bumper

How do you change the fog light bulb on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata?

You need to remove the headlight first. After removing the headlight, you will be able to unplug the power and remove the bulb from the housing. The new bulb comes ready to plug in.

What is the correct headlight Bulb for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

This is probably a 9004 halogen bulb but to be sure just go to your local parts store and tell them that you need a new headlight bulb for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee.

How do you change the headlights in a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

Pop open the hood. Behind the headlight will be the bulb (the bulb looks like an "L" shape, with top of the "L" inside the headlight) connected to a wire plug. Now rotate the bulb out of the socket. Disconnect the wire plug from the bulb. Reattach a new bulb to the wire plug (DON'T TOUCH THE BULB GLASS WITH YOUR OILY FINGERS!), and rotate it inside the socket in the back of headlight. No tools are neccessary. There are<a href=""> some</a> instructions out there that tell you to remove the whole headlight assembly, but you do not need to.

Need advice about headlight problem in my 1997 4.0L V6 5 speed ford ranger. the dim for the driver side headlight isn't working but the bright is working. what could be wrong?

Bulb, wire, fuse, dimmer switch.

What kind of bulb do you need for a front headlight in a 2007 Chevy Impala?

See sources and related links below for 2007 Chevrolet Impala headlight bulb part numbers.

How do you replace a headlight bulb in a Honda Passport?

Replacing a headlight bulb on a Honda Passport is very easy to do. The hood will need to be opened to change the bulb. The old bulb can be pulled off by using the connector and the new one put in. No tools are required.

How do you change a headlight bulb on a 2009 Malibu?

you need to remove the front fascia to remove the headlamp to change the bulb

How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 1999 Porsche boxster?

To replace the headlight bulb on a 1999 Porsche Boxster you will need to open the trunk and take out the screw of the spare tire compartment. Slide the entire headlight assembly out after loosening it with a hex socket wrench. Then, put a new bulb in place.

What type of bulb for a 1997 Honda accord headlight?

go to autozone and they will tell you exactly what type of light you need and you can buy your lihgt there it will cost around 8 or 10 bucks

How do you change headlamp bulb on iveco 7.5 tonne euro cargo?

You need to get on the floor, and behind the headlight on the outer edge you will see two 13mm bolts that need undoing. This allows the headlight then to swing out, giving you access to the bulb

How do you I change the lights on a 2000 gmc jimmy?

there are two tabs on the top of the headlight that you need to pull up i the air they you can remove the hole headlight and the bulb twist out of the headlight

Do you need to replace the entire headlight assembly for a burned out headlight on a Venture 2001?

no there should be a replacement bulb you can get that just screws in the back of the assembly

How to Change a headlight bulb on a 2004 Mazda 6?

Suggest dealership do it. On an m6 you'll have to drop the bumper deending on which headlight you need to change.