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What businesses does don berlusconi own in Orlando Florida?


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June 24, 2017 4:24PM

through our research of business and property records relative to orlando florida we have determined that wealthy italian businessman don berlusconi, and son of former italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi, owns the following businesses and properties in orlando florida. he owns a very upscale luxury home in windermere florida,in a very exclusive area. he owns two 78,000 square foot warehouses in orlando , he owns restaurant building in orlando,near seaworld, where he plans to open an all you can eat seafood restaurant, he owns 180 acres of prime commercial land in orlando, and it is our understanding that he is now in the process of buying a large strip mall in orlando florida which has several businesses in it and berlusconi plans to completely remodel this entire strip mall to make it a first class area. we also understand within that mall he will place several businesses which he owns including an all you can eat buffet restaurant, an oldies theme lounge with dine and dance, a roller skating rink for kids, a barbecue restaurant featuring soul food with barbecue steak, chicken, ribs and more, a teenage night club, and much more. in other words all the businesses he will have in this mall will also be owned by him. additionally he is in the process of buying a bank branch which has been shut down and he will open this up as a commerical bank as well as a savings and loan bank and we understand within the bank he will have a coffee and snack restaurant the first in the country to have a bank with a restaurant within it. it is our understanding that he plans to invest over $150 million dollars in these orlando florida ventures and will hire many people from the orlando area.