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What businesses thrived during the Great Depression?



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At the very height of the Great Depression (1930-33) hardly any businesses did really well, and success was relative. As usual in such circumstances it was the 'new' industries that tended to do best, in particular: * Movies. Almost every town of any size saw the opening of new and bigger cinemas. 'Talkies' added to the popularity of the cinema. * Radio. In the 1930s radio became widely available to better paid workers. * Mass produced automobiles. (Not really a new industry, but a 'young' industry). * Electrical industries. During the 1930s most houses that weren't yet on mains electricity were connected. A huge range of companies did well as a result - ranging from the manufacturers of cables and light switches to those producing electric carpet sweepers and so on. * At the luxury end of the market, air travel did well - but it was still generally expensive and only for the few. * The very low interest rates encouraged house building, especially when it was clear that prices had stopped falling. * In Europe, Germany and then Britain spent huge sum on rearmament from about 1934 onwards.