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To copy text using the keyboard, you need to hit two letters at once. Typically this is the control button and the letter C button on Windows. On a Mac It would be the Command button and the letter C button at the same time.

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Q: What button on the keyboard is for Copy?
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How do you make a sideways v?

There's a button for it on the keyboard, or just copy/paste these: < >

How do you copy and paste a screen shot?

we have print screen button available with our keyboard, ->open the window which you want to copy as screen shot! ->press Alt button and then press print screen button. ->and paste it in paint and save it.

What is the keyboard shortcut for copy?

On a PC, it is holding Ctrl + C, and on a Mac, it is holding Command (the Apple button) + C.

What comes after the F3 button on the keyboard?

The F4 button comes after the F3 button on the keyboard. * Cait

What is the keyboard shortcut of the Italic button?

ctrl+i is the keyboard shortcut of the Italic button.

How do i copy a picture from a paused youtube video and if i do a screenshot will it print?

You could do a screen shot using the print screen button on the keyboard.

What is prompt button on keyboard?

What is a prompt button

What button do you press to screen capture?

If you have a PC, and have a normal keyboard, there is a button on the top right of the keyboard. There is a set of three keys, which should say, from right to left: "Pause/Break", "Scroll Lock", and "Print Screen/SysRq". "Print Screen/SysRq" is the button that will copy whatever appears on the screen.

What button can be pressed to copy a cell content?

The copy button.

How many normal keyboard button?

89 in my keyboard

Which button in the keyboard is lmb button?

The LMB button is the left mouse button.

Does the droid incredible have a keyboard?

it does not have a button keyboard but does have a touchscreen keybord

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