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The Department of Homeland Security. (2002)

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What is a Cabinet post?

A cabinet post is a position in a cabinet, such as the President is head of his cabinet

What is the name of the new cabinet post president bush created after 911?

Homeland Security

What is the newest us cabinet post?

The Secretary of Homeland Security has the newest cabinet position.

The power to create Cabinet level departments is?

The power to create a cabinet level post belongs to the president. However, the Congress much appropriate the funds to operate it. The most recent cabinet department is the Department of Homeland Security.

Highest post of IAS?

Cabinet Secretary

Henry knox's cabinet post?

secretary of war

Who was the first women to hold a cabinet post?

Frances Perkins was the first woman to hold a Cabinet-level post. She was the Secretary of the U.S Department of Labor from 1933 to 1945.

How is the Prime minister elected in Australia?

The prime minister is chosen by colleagues at a post election Cabinet meeting where most portfolios are decided.

How many cabinet post are there in the US?

15 Executive Departments.

Which of these positions is not a Presidential cabinet post?

united nations leader

Why did George Washington need cabinet members?

He needed cabinet members because he couldn't do all the work by himself. He had to many issues that's why he had created 5 departments which were Treasury department, War department, Attorney general, State department, and the Post office department. The postmaster general did not have cabinet rank.

Who was the first country to elect a woman to a nation cabinet post?


The first country to elect a woman to a national cabinet post was?


What was the first country to elect a woman to a national cabinet post?


Who was the first Indian women who held the cabinet post?

Frances Perkins

How many presidents served as vice president and in the Senate but did not serve in a cabinet post?

John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon were all vice-presidents and US senators but never held a cabinet post. ( Martin Van Buren was the only man to be the VP, US Senator and hold a cabinet post.)

Senior cabinet minister without specific duties?

Lord Privy SealThe development of Cabinet left the post with little responsibility. The holder often acts as a minister without portfolio (one who does not have departmental responsibilities) and is able to undertake investigations and projects when needed by the Cabinet or Prime Minister. It is probably the earliest recognisable government post. The holder is traditionally a member of the Cabinet. Frequently the post is combined with Leader of the Commons or Leader of the House of Lords.

Who was the only president to appoint his brother to a cabinet post?

John F. Kennedy

When was Hong Kong Post created?

Hong Kong Post was created in 1987.Hongkong Post was created in 1841.

What cabinet department deals with farming?

In the US, it's the Department of Agriculture, headed by the cabinet post of the Secretary of Agriculture, currently Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

When was Pakistan Post created?

Pakistan Post was created in 1947.

When was Singapore Post created?

Singapore Post was created in 1819.

When was Australia Post created?

Australia Post was created in 1989.

When was Lahore Post created?

Lahore Post was created in 1996.

When was Canada Post created?

Canada Post was created in 1867.

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