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It is .38S&W, which, for reference, is not the same at .38 Special. Yes, it is still available, but not an extremely common round. You may have to order it online or check with a gunshop and see if they can get it.

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What caliber is a Colt New Police Positive .38 and is ammunition still available?

If this is a .38 cal (check the markings on the frame and barrell) it is chambered for .38 caliber. If it is a Police Positive ammunition would be the .38 PP If it is a Police Positive Special you could use .38 PPS Check with any reputable gun shop/dealer or range and they'll give you the information you need.

What caliber is a Colt Police Positive serial 24827 with Colt New Police stamped on the frame?

It should have the caliber marked on the barrel,such as"38 Colt New Police".

What ammunition can be used with a 38 caliber Colt Police Positive manufactured in the 1931?

38 special unless it's a 38 S&W, then 38 S&W cartridge. should say on barrel.

Difference between 32 and 38 colt police positive?

32 caliber is a little smaller then the 38 caliber

What is the year and caliber of the colt police positive with serial number 125918?

made about 1917

What is the age of a 32 caliber Colt Police Positive serial 125836?

manufacured about 1915.....................

Colt police 38 positive what ammo do you use?

38 caliber revolver ammo

What is the age of a 32 caliber Colt Police Positive Special serial 1500XX?

made about 1919

When was a colt 38 caliber police positive special with a manufacturing number of 344619 made?

about 1929

What is a Colt double action Police Positive 22 caliber worth?

Assuming it is a Police Positive Target if it is .22 caliber. It all depends on condition and exact model (1st Issue, 2nd Issue). Anywhere from $200 to $700 plus.

Colt Police Positive 38 caliber with the serial number being 342991 What year was this manufactured?


What is the manufacture year of a Colt Police Positive 38 caliber revolver serial number 525169?


What year was a 32 caliber Colt police positive pistol Serial?

No way to answer without the serial number.

Need a value for Colt Police Positive Special caliber 32 20?

50-500 usd

What is the value of a 32 caliber colt police positive serial number 194438?

50-350 usd

What is the value 0f 1905 police positive 32 caliber?

You can expect the value to be from $150 - $450 depending on the condition.

What is the age and value of a Colt Police positive 38 caliber with a 6 inch barrel serial 127317?


When was a colt police positive special 38 special caliber pistol with SN 583953 made?

Made in 1951

What is the age and value of a 38 caliber Colt Police Positive serial 62459?

made about 1913. value depends on condition

What year would a 32 caliber revolver sn 119273 5 shot be manufactured?

if a police positive, then made about 1915

Can 32 caliber Smtih and Wesson rounds be shot in a 32 colt pocket positive in 32 police ctg?


What is the age and value of a 38 caliber Colt Police Positive serial 2369xx with a 4 inch barrel in very good condition?

value depends on overall condition. if your colt is a police positive special, made about 1921

What kind of gun did Barney fife carry on the Andy Griffith show?

we are never told what kind of gun anyone used on the show but most likely it was a .38 caliber whch was carried by many police departments at that time.Barney Fife's "Baby" was Colt Police Positive, 4 inch barrel in .38 special caliber.It was actually a Colt Official Police... which was a slightly larger model than the Police Positive.

What is the age and value of a colt 38 caliber revolver with a serial 156046?

if it's a 38 cal. police positive, made in 1926

How many Colt police positive 38 SW caliber with two inch barrel made?

Only Colt would know.