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The original 1894 was chambered for 25-35 WCF, 30-30 (30 WCF), 32-40 WCF, 32 Special, and 38-55 WCF. In later production, 32 Win Spl, 7-30 Waters, 44 magnum, 480 Ruger Big Bore, 357 magnum, 45 Long Colt, 44-40 WCF, 444 Marlin, 44 Special, 307 Win, 356 Win, add 375 Win were available. Recent versions include .22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum, 17 HMR, and if you include the Model 9410, 410 shot shells.

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How many 1941 Winchester wcf model 94 were made?

Upadated answer: Winchester actually manufactured 53,738 Model 94s in the year 1941. Winchester produced 48,883 model 1894 rifles in 1941.

What serial number was the last of the pre 64 Winchester model 94s?

The last serial number for a pre-64 Winchester model 1894 rifle was 2,585,901.

Age and value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 cal serial no 19559187?

You have too many digits in the serial number... Winchester did not make 19-million+ Model 94s.

Did Winchester Model 94s ever start a serial with the letter L?

No, there are some where the first digit looks like an 'L' but it is a '1'.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 serial 1864550?

value of Winchester 94Your Winchester was made in 1952. There was 90200 94s made that year. Value depends on several things such as condition, options, and caliber. Without knowing what they are it is hard to put a value on your rifle.

How many Winchester Model 94s were made pre 64?

Updated Answer: 2,600,011AnswerNot sure of the total number but you can check serial numbers up to 5,103,249...which was made after 1982.

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 2000993 made and what else does the serial number tell you?

1953, and in addition to the year of manufacture, it tells you that 2000992 other Model 94s wer made prior to it.

What is the manufacture date of a Winchester Model 94 Serial no76384?

If that is the complete serial number, yours is a VERY early Model 1894, and would have been made during 1896. There is a STRONG collector interest in very early Model 94s.

Was the original 30-30 butt plate and stock on pre 1500000 early model 94s crescent shaped or flat?

Both were available.

You bought a Winchester model 94 at a NRA auction in 2007 it was one of the last 850 model 94s made it has gold inlay and a NRA insert on th butt it is brand new and in the box what would it sell for?

500 USD or so

Can a Winchester 30 WCF produced in 1931 stand up to modern 30-30 Ammunition Loadings?

Yes, it can. The Winchester Model 1894/94s manufactured from 1895 through 2006 can all safely handle modern manufactured 30-30 ammo.

What is the value of a Winchester commemorative rifle Michigan law enforcement maufactured about 1980?

Winchester did not make a commemorative "Michigan law enforcement" Model 94. What you have is a special edition gun that was made by Winchester, but embellished by someon else. This was a very common practice with the Model 94. Cheverolet and Dodge, and Coca Cola did the same thing in the early 1980s. Special edition Winchester Model 94s essentially have the same value as a "plain Jane" Modle 94 of the same manufacture era.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 lever action made in 1964?

Unfortunately, the answer is very little (relatively speaking). Most 1964 vintage Model 94s are lucky to see the $100 mark. The year 1964 was the darkest moment in time for the Model 94, as Winchester completely changed the old tried and true manufacturing methods, and the end result was a cheap piece of junk.

How much is a 1974 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action modal 4259575 round barrel worth?

$100 - $200. Its only real value is what someone is willing to pay for it to use as a hunting firearm. The year 1963 was the last of the "collectable" era Wincehster Model 94s.

How do you remove the forestock from a Stevens Model 94F single shot shotgun?

I don't have one in front of me, but if it's like other Model 94s you should be able to just grip the forearm near it's muzzle end and pull it off. It's probably held on by a spring like other 94s.

How old is your Winchester model1894 serial number 1973577?

That rifle was made in 1953. Here is a link to find any other DOM for '94s.

What year is my two Mod 94's serial number 2233711 and 2254560?

Both are 1957 vintage Model 94s.

What is the value Winchester model 1884 serial number 806237?

Well- two problems- Winchester did not make a model 1884. Second, the value of any firearm is based on eact model, condition, and originality. If you have a Model 1894, it could be worth $200, or $2000- or more. They were in production for over 100 years, with all sorts of variations that affect value. You will need a hands on assessment from someone that knows Winchesters- Sorry, but can't make an educated guess without a lot more info. PS- If yours is MARKED model 1894, that would be prior to 1919, when the model name was changed to Model 94. Serial number records for many years were lost in a fire at Winchester. In 1945, more than 1.3 million Model 94s had been made.

What is the value of a new Winchester model94ae 30-30 walnut stockserial no 6482980?

You can check around on to find similar model 94s, it appears to me that your rifle was manufactured some time after 1982 and depending on condition somewhere in the 300-400 range. Keep in mind though that Winchester stopped manufacturing the model 94 last year after 120+ years of making them and they MAY increase in value now. The pre 1964 models are considered more collectible and are valued accordingly

What is the age of a Winchester model 1894 serial number 1412356?

Unless you accidently type an extra digit in the serial number, it should be a "Model 94" versus an "1894". Serial number 1412356 is an early 1947 vintage Carbine, and it should be the "Flat-band" variety. Most of them were made in caliber 30 W.C.F., but they were also available in the 25-35 W.C.F. and 32 W.S. calibers. If you do not mind me asking, what caliber is your gun? Bert H. It is a 32 special caliber and it is a model 94. Thank you Bert for answering this. Also Bert if you could answer this considering the rifle to be in good condition only fired a few times what would its worth be? Typical well cared for but used condition Model 94s of that era sell for about $650 retail. If it is in exceptionally nice condition, it could go as high as $1000 to a motivated collector. If you were to sell it at a gunshop or gunshow to a dealer, subtract at least 30%. Bert H.

What do AE and XTR mean on a Winchester Model 94 serial 5358309?

XTR as explained to me by a gun dealer was a designation used on several Winchester models in the later 1900's to indicate deluxe finishing features such as checkered grips on walnot and high gloss bluing. Hope someone else can answer what AE means.

Why can't you find any information on the Winchester 94 Ranger in 44 magnum on Winchester's site?

In early 2006, Winchester revealed that the Winchester 94 production line would be discontinued on 31 March 2006. Already-produced Model 94s will continue to be sold, but they will be sold by the US Repeating Arms subsidiary in Belgium. No new Model 94s will be produced after 31 March. (For that matter, the Winchester factory itself is being closed down, and the Winchester name is to be sold to US Repeating Arms, with further production of "Winchester" rifles being carried out in Belgium, Portugal, and Japan.) Source - Some info here - *** NOT QUITE RIGHT *** It is correct that the US Repeating Arms Co facility in New Haven, CT has closed. USRAC has no subsidiaries. It was, itself, a subsidiary of the Belgian corporation that also owns FN and Browning. That company has announced that the models built at the New Haven facility will NOT be resumed in their other facilities. In fact, all the technical drawings, etc, are being sold with a competitive process in place for qualified prospective buyers. The 'WINCHESTER' name has been owned by the Olin Corporation for many years and USRAC was using that name on the Model 94, Model 70 and Model 1300 firearms under license from Olin. The winning buyer of the USRAC assets will be given the opportunity to license the Winchester name from Olin, no doubt at an additional fee. It is very possible that we may see Model 94 rifles, Model 70 rifles and Model 1300 shotguns under a completely different brand name when and if production resumes. Source for this is the various published press releases from USRAC. Visit if you believe you can become a qualified buyer.

What is Winchester proof steel?

Introduced around 1940, Winchester Proof Steel is the alloy used by Winchester to manufacture it's firearms. It replaced nickel steel, used in the early production Winchester 94's to withstand the power of the first 'main stream' smokeless powder rifle cartridge - the .30 WCF, now known as the .30-30. Note, however, that the 94 Winchester was intoduced in .30 WCF a year after the production of blackpowder 94s. Winchester Proof is stronger than nickel steel, and holds blueing better. The nickel in nickel steel made blueing flake off of recievers and barrels of Winchester rifles over long periods of time. Winchester introduced Proof Steel in 1931, and began using it for the Model 94 in April of 1932. "Proof Steel" is a chrome-moly alloy.

Model number 94 wincheaster 32 special good condition whats its apox value serial number1317748?

Your Model 94 is one of the OLD ones. Winchester Model 94s with the Serial number below 2,700,000 are PRE-1964. Serial numbers in 1950 ended with # 1,724,295 and in 1960 they ended with #2,469,821. So your gun was made within this Ten year period.I hope this has been of some help to you. Depending on condition that gun is worth $500-2,000

When were your two Winchester 94s manufactured 30-30 SN 3602xxx and 94AE 40-40 SN 6310xxx?

With the first serial number provided 3,602,xxx.this Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1972.with the second serial number of 6,310,xxx I can only say that my last recorded serial number of 6,109,238 was made in the year 1994.So we can say that your rifle was made after 1994 and some where close to the year 2000.