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the American manufacturers

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Chemicals that stimulate plant growth are called?

Growth hormones such as Auxins etc.

Can kisses stimulate breast growth?

No, kisses do not stimulate breast growth.

Do you need to strike your tree to stimulate fruit growth?

Actually, in order to stimulate fruit growth you can strike your tree or you can have another fruit sit on top of your tree and that should stimulate growth in your "fruit".

Does the color of light increase plant growth?

Yes, certain colors stimulate growth in plants. Blue stimulates stalk and leaf growth, and red stimulate flower growth.

Function of growth hormones?

The function of growth hormones is the stimulate growth in the body

Does Nisim Shampoo work for regrowth of hair?

Nisim shampoo only works to prevent further hair loss. It does not stimulate hair growth. The Nisim company makes a shampoo called Fast that does stimulate hair growth.

How did the growth of the automobile industry stimulate the growth of other industries?

The growth of the automobile industry stimulated the growth of:oil drilling for gasmotels because people needed places to stay when they drove aroundfast food restaurants such as McDonalds were opened upsteel industries to make tire framesrubber industries to make tirestourism obviouslypaint factoriespublic works projects were created to make roads and freeways

What do nitrates do in plants?

They stimulate growth

What does stimulate hair growth mean?

Stimulates hair growth vitamin A

What is the relationship between Muccopolysaccharides and hair growth?

Muccopolysaccharides are used to stimulate hair growth.

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