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The Revolutionary War was first. The Revolutionary War started April 19, 1775. The Civil War started April 12, 1861

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Q: What came first the Revolutionary War or the Civil War?
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Which came first the Civil War the Alamo or the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The Battle of the Alamo was in 1836. The Civil War was 1861-1865.

Did the civil war come before the Revolutionary War or not?

The civil war came after the revolutionary war because, the civil war was about reuniting states. The revolutionary war was fought to become the USA.

Which came first war of 1813 or Revolutionary War?

the revolutionary war came first in 1776-1783

Which was the first the revoltionary war or the civil war?

The American Revolutionary War began in 1775. The US Civil War began in 1861. Therefore the Revolutionary War was before the Civil War.

Was the Civil War before or after the Revolutionary War?

The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

What came first the declaration of independence or revolutionary war?

The declaration came first.

Which war came first the American Revolutionary War or the French and Indian War?

The French and Indian War came first. It ended about twelve years before the American Revolutionary War began.

Was Civil War before revolutionary?

no, the revolutionary war was before the civil war. the revolutionary war was when the colonists broke away from British rule. the civil war was when the north and south fought because of slavery. the revolutionary war was in 1775 and the civil war started in 1861

What is a good name for a report comparing the revolutionary war and the Civil War?

A comparison of the Revolutionary war and the civil war. How the Revolutionary was different from the civil war A comparison of two wars The Differences between the Revolution and the Civil War

Was lord Cornwallis in the civil war or the Revolutionary War?

he was in the revolutionary war

Was Crispus Attucks the first casualty of the Civil War or the American Revolution?

The Revolutionary War.

Did the Revolutionary War have submarines in it?

No, not really, submarines were first used successfully in the Civil War.

What lasted longer civil war or Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary war lasted almost twice as long as the Civil war.

What war took place first Civil war world war1 or American revolution?

If you mean the US civil war then the Revolutionary war took place the first.

Was nebraska involed in the civil war or in the Revolutionary War?

In Civil War

What war is more imporatnt revolutionary war or civil war?

Some people think that the Revolutionary War was better than the Civil War. Some people think that the Civil War was better than the Revolutionary War.

What came first the 1812 war or the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War because it started in 1775 and ended in 1783. Actually the revolutionary war started on 1776 and ended in 1783.

What came first the stamp act or the Revolutionary War?

The Stamp Act.

What came first the Declaration of Independence or the Revolutionary War?

The declaration of Independence

Who died in which war war 1 or revolutionary war or Civil War?

civil war

What was the first battle won by the colonists in the revolutionary war?

Battle of Bull Run was the first victory and the first major battle in the Revolutionary war. the battles of bull run were in the civil war not revolution

Shiloh National Battlefield was it the Revolutionary War or Civil War?

civil war

Revolutionary War Civil War Abraham Lincoln?

he was in the civil war. the revolutionary war was long before his time. generals were grant,lee

How did women's participation in the Civil War differ from their roles in the Revolutionary War?

In the Civil War, the women were nurses. In the Revolutionary War, they didn't do anything.

How was the civil war revolutionary?


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