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What camera accessories are needed to take nature shots?


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May 24, 2011 7:17AM

A2. Some nature shots require a telephoto lens, for you'll never get close enough. (Though for some of the Attenborough shots, they use cameras disguised as logs and stones etc, to shoot the Wild Beest crossing the Mara)

And at the other end, you'll need a good close up or macro lens for your camera (They differ from each other. )

But start off simple, the gear you start out with will help you with technique, but you'll soon want to move up to better equipment. This means that you should start out with an inexpensive digital camera with a reasonable pixel count (10 Mega pixels is plenty), and a good magnification range in the lens. At least 5 or 6 times. A close-up of 2cm is good to start.

After a year or so, you'll want to move to a camera with interchangeable lenses, but you're talking many more bucks for that. There are several good free web sites that review equipment.