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What camera features are most important for taking night photos?

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Night Photography can be tricky. Generally, you have to allow for long exposures, during which the camera has to be perfectly still, so a tripod is important. These exposures can result in "noisy" (or grainy) photos. If you are interested in night photography, here are a few features to keep in mind: 1) Shutter speed. When an exposure has a longer shutter speed, it lets more light into the sensor, which allows for lower aperture and ISO settings. 2) ISO setting. When the camera is set at a higher ISO number, it requires less light for exposures. This means you can take your night photo with a faster shutter speed and still get the same result, but you generally do not want to do this. There should not be any movement within the frame, so you should use the base ISO setting so there is very minimal noise. Long exposures allow the shutter to be open longer to absorb the available light. Image stabilization features. This prevents movement during long exposures. Night scene mode, if it is available. This setting automatically provides low-light settings and doesn't require you to manually modify the settings. This option is good for beginners who are still learning about the different available exposure options. Noise reduction mode. Long exposures often allow noise - or grain - into your photo. Rather than use photo manipulation software to remove the noise, this setting automatically removes it for you.

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Q: What camera features are most important for taking night photos?
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