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CPR is only used to revive victims whose hearts are not beating properly or have stopped altogether. The condition of heart not functioning properly is tachycardia. When all electricity in the heart has ceased, the heart is in a condition called asystole. CPR can be used to revive victims of the first condition when a defibrillator is not available. CPR must be used for the second condition. The components of CPR are used in other procedures. CPR style breaths are used in rescue breathing. Rescue Breathing is used to supply oxygen to victims whose hearts are pumping efficiently but have stopped breathing. CPR style chest compressions are used to force food out of an unconscious choking victim.

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CPR should be performed on what kind of victims?

CPR is performed on victims who are not breathing because their airway is blocked.

Can CPR save a person's life?

Yes CPR will save lives. CPR saves lives by circulating oxygenated blood for the heart when it is not able to pump blood.

When performing CPR techniques should be used on victims up to what age?

Perform CPR from birth to any age.

Why would you give CPR?

I would give CPR to save a life.

What is recommended position for the victims when performing CPR?

On their back with their airway clear.

Why get CPR certified?

To save a life!!!!!!!

Do you have to know CPR?

Yes you should know CPR and take a CPR class. It may save a life; possibly your own.

Who needs CPR what kind of victims?

A victim who is unresponsive with no normal breathing and no pulse

Why do you need to perform CPR?

To save lives

What can save you if you get struck by lightning?

cpr and rubber

Is CPR an important skill to have?

Yes; CPR is an important skill to have. It can help you save someones life.

Why must you cease CPR if the patient shows signs of coming round?

Because the CPR may be working against the victims normal breathing and heart rate.

What is the percentage of people surviving CPR?

According to the related link, "....sudden cardiac arrest victims receiving only CPR will survive 2 to 5 percent of the time.".

Can I have an example of what I might learn in some CPR classes?

CPR classes are a wonderful knowledge to know. They teach you how to save a persons life. Teach you how to check if a person is in need of CPR. Teach how to check if they are choking. If the techinque is done propely you can save a life. Some classes teach CPR for children and adults.

How does CPR help a person having a stroke?

CPR does not help a person having a stroke per se; however if their heart stops CPR will probably save their life.

What will I learn in CPR classes and why is that important?

In CPR class you will learn how to resuscitate an individual who has stopped breathing. It is extremely important because proper CPR can save someone's life.

What are the advantages of knowing how to administer CPR?

You can save someones life.

How do you minimize the risk of air entering the victims stomach during CPR?

what are the correct compression and ventilation rates for 2 rescuer CPR in the presence of an advanced airway in an adult victim

Can CPR cause damage?

CPR can cause injury to a person's ribs, liver, lungs, and heart. However, these risks must be accepted if CPR is necessary to save the person's life

What about failed CPR?

As a first responder, we always perform CPR if the situation calls for it. We may never know if the CPR we performed was able to save the life or not. Depending on the medical emergency, there may be no chance for recovery. CPR will not always save a life, so if it is not able to it is OK. We will always perform CPR if the situation warrants and if it fails it is OK, We did our part to give the person the chance to be saved by our prompt response.

How do you get certified in CPR?

You must take a CPR class to learn to save lives no matter what it takes. You can take a class for adults, teens, and kids. CPR means Cardio, Pulmonary, Resuscitation.

Why is CPR important?

You can use it to save someones life one day!

What you something a lifeguard should know how to do?

swim cpr save a life

How can CPR help save a life?

CPR is not meant to revive someone. It is used when there is no pulse or there is an insufficient pules. CPR can help save a life, because it will help supply temporary oxygen and blood flow. If received early enough a victim is more likely to survive. It will also help reduce the damage to the brain and other organs, because the organs will still have oxygen and blood flow.

What kind of things can CPR save you from?

CPR is not meant to revive a life. CPR is used when a person does not have a pulse or the pulse is weak. CPR will help supply temporary oxygen and blood flow until EMS arrive. If a victim receives CPR early enough they have a greater chance of surviving. CPR will also help reduce the amount of damage to the brain and other organs, during the period in which they lack a sufficient pulse, because oxygen and blood is being supplied to the organs.