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If you are having issues with getting a new pen to work, try drawing in circles on paper until the ink comes out, If you are still having issues with no ink, then take a lighter and hold it to the ball point for a few moments before trying the circles again.

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Q: What can I do to get a new cartridge type fountain pen to work?
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What can you do to get a new cartridge type fountain pen to work?

The best thing you can do to get a new cartridge type fountain pen to work is by replacing the cartridge. They are known for drying out when stored which makes it impossible for them to function properly.

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If you have the Parker ink cartridges, you should be able to unscrew the back, take out the cartridge that is already there, and pop the new one into place.

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You can purchase a new HP78 cartridge directly from Hewlett Packard. Alternatively eBay or Amazon are a good bet for ink cartridges. Make sure it is a genuine HP cartridge or the printer may not work.

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I don't think tht inkjet cartridge refill kits work as well as brand new ones. I don't think there is as much ink in cartridges that are refilled. At least mine don't last as long.

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Every Canon printer requires a certain type of Canon ink cartridge. The MP550 cartridge is for the MP500 series printer. Unless it is a refillable ink cartridge the actual cartridge has to be replaced once the ink runs out. If it is refillable then you can refill it once then you must get a new one or your printer could be damaged.

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