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Depends on what he's into. If he's into music, make him a mixed CD with all his and your favourite songs, including your couple song {If you have one.}

Or, you could go out and buy him something you absolutly positivly KNOW he'll love. ;]

It's the thought that counts.

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Q: What can I make my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?
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What can i get my 14 year old boyfriend for our one year anniversary I want it to be special?

For a 14 year old boyfriend, you can buy him a mountain bicycle, to mark your one year anniversary.

What can me and my boyfriend do for our one year anniversary were 13 14?

If you and your boyfriend are aged 13 and 14 respectively, you can go mountain climbing on your one year anniversary.

What is an inexpensive gift for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary?

An inexpensive gift for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary could be a nice pen and pencil set. ---- The first marriage anniversary is paper. If you take a hint from that, you could make your own anniversary card or make a "coupon book" of things he could redeem in the future (like wash his car, make a romantic dinner for the 2 of you, he picks a movie you watch together).

What a good present for one year anniversary?

-make a book with all the photos of you and your girlfriend / boyfriend.-poem.- teddy?

What should you get your boyfriend for a 4 month anniversary?

Cook him a homemade meal or make him his favorite cake or pie with your own little hands. No semi-expensive presents til 1 YEAR Anniversary[ one year is what anniversary means ] .

What can you get your teenage boyfriend for your one year anniversary?

Whatever he wants he should be rewarded for being a great boyfriend for a year cuz truat me its hard to always be nice to your baby

What are cute things to do for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary?

When the consensus on fellatio ever being labeled as "cute" comes back, I will let you know.

What should you get your 16 year old boyfriend for your 2 yr anniversary something sentimental?

One idea you might think about is giving your boyfriend a money clip as a two year anniversary gift. You can have his initials engraved on the money clip to give it a bit of your own personal touch. If your boyfriend is an avid sports fan, you can even get him a money clip displaying his favorite team l Money clips are really popular gift items for guys and serve as a practical purpose of keeping his money organized. I think this would make a great gift idea to celebrate your two year anniversary!

What can i get my 15 year old boyfriend for our one year anniversary i want it to be special?

make him something. like a scarf with his favorite sports team colors. Or buy a key chain that lets you put you and his picture in it. something cute and meaningful like that.

What to get my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?

Get something that both you can enjoy. Or if you are a cool girlfriend you will get something he can enjoy like a game or something. Even something that has to do with sports will do.

What is the first anniversary named?

1 month anniversary but if you count by years you say one year anniversary

What should you get your boyfriend for your one month anniversary?

You shouldn't get him anything. The one-month anniversary isn't something you get gifts for. If you've been going out for half of a year, you might want to get each other a little something, but other than that, don't worry.

What do you get a boyfriend for a one year anniversary?

you could go buy chocolate,melt it and wait till its warm,then pure it all over his body and lick it off............happy anniversary baby........garentee he'll be your husband someday.

Is birthday an anniversary?

Yes it is. By technicality, an anniversary is something celebrated one a year on the same date as the previous year.

What should you get your boyfriend for a one year anniversary gift?

You could take him to a nice dinner or concert, or make a CD with songs that have a special meaning to you guys. Another option is a necklace or ring with your initial or name on it - something to symbolize your love.

Where does one find wedding anniversary gifts by year?

One can find the appropriate anniversary gifts for each year by visiting by visiting the website "Anniversaries By Year." The site lists what one should give someone for each year. For example, sapphire should be given for a 45th anniversary.

What anniversary did The Girl Guids celebrate this year?

Last year they celebrated the 100th anniversary, so their next one will be the 101st.

How do you find my one year dating anniversary?

You get the date you and your partner stated dating and the anniversary is the same date the next year.

What do you call the 300 or 400 and so on anniversary celebrations?

A 300 year anniversary is called a tercentenary. A 400 year anniversary is called a quatercentenary. (be careful with the spelling of this one!)

How do you comfort your boyfriend who is still grieving for his ex girlfriend who died one year ago 1st year anniversary 2nd October 2011?

say "HON, I LovE U" witch kiss and hug

What should you make for your 13 year old boyfriend?

buy him a scarf. or knit one.

10th anniversary gifts for artistic women?

One of the best things that you can do for your loved one on this anniversary is to make a pact to make your own anniversary presents from scratch. At least in this way to can make the gift as you wish and it will be completely unique.

What to say to your boyfriend on one month anniversary?

Wow, can you believe that we have been together for a whole month?

Me and my boyfriend were together a year but three days before our anniversary. He broke up with me and moved out. He tells me he still loves me and misses me but why wont he come back?

He is probably afraid of commitment and thinks that because you were about to hit your one year anniversary that maybe he would have to commit a little more to you.

I gave my boyfriend a shirt but what can I say it represents in our relationship?

Does it coincide with any period in your relationship for example one year anniversary of him being with you. You can say you saw this I thought you would like it.