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Most common is sawdust and oil. Vermiculite and Fuller's Earth makes a quicksand almost safe enough to eat. Ground cork is one of the best ways, as it leaves the actors relatively clean when they're pulled out. Check out below scene from Perfect Stranger's tv show, using ground cork;

Mud is rarely used...because is looks like...well, mud.

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How can location help you to make a sense?

Location helps set the scene, allowing the reader to imagine it more easily.

How much cornstarch is needed to make quicksand?

To make quicksand, you need 2 cups of cornstarch and 1/2 a cup of water or maybe 1

What was the first scene shot in the twilight movie?

From what I read, the first scenes that were shot were the fight scene, and the baseball scene, which they described as the hardest ones to film/make. Hope I helped!

Why is miseenscene in Jurassic Park?

The term misenscene is used in almost all of film. It refers to the parts of a scene, and what make up the scene of a film, which is important in Jurassic Park, because of the in depth action scenes.

Which movie had the most famous lesbian make out scene?

The film "Wild Things" has the most famous lesbian make-out scene. The film, which takes place in South Florida, stars Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon and was released in 1998.

Why do heavy objects sink in quicksand?

objects sink in quicksand because they are so heavy they make a bigger hole in the sand,they go faster objects sink in quicksand because they are so heavy they make a bigger hole in the sand,they go faster

How much money can a top adult actressearn per film?

Adult Performers are paid on a "per scene" basis, so how much they make on a particular film is going to depend on how many AND they type of scenes they appear in. On average a popular female performer can make $2000 to $3000 per scene.

Types on how to survive in a Quicksand?

In quicksand every struggle you make pulls you down deeper. The best way to get out is to grab on to an object and pull yourself out, sliding on your stomach.

How much money do you make being a crime scene investigator?

Credentials, experience and location will determine the pay offered for such a position.

How does music make you feel watching a film?

music or a type of audio that adds to a scene can set a mood to the viewer and make them feel something you would like to portray! ..in a sad scene, movies use types of music to a that scene so that the audience would feel sympathetic! ..the music behind a scene has a lot of power and impact in the movie.

How was animation created?

First there is a pen/paper sketch drawn for each movement in the scene. Then, these are drawn on plastic cells for each movement, photographed in a series to make the scene in the cartoon. This is one with each character and each scene to make the story. A story board is used to map the entire film.

What are the release dates for Don't Make a Scene - 2008?

Don't Make a Scene - 2008 was released on: USA: 29 November 2008 (MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival) (premiere) USA: 6 December 2008 (MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival) USA: 29 November 2009 (MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival)

Is quick sand faster in the desert or in the beach?

it doesnt matter... quicksand makes you sink at the same speed everywhere cuz it takes a certian amount of water mixed with sand to make quicksand.

How do they make Jennette mccurdy have a twin sister in icarly?

They film a scene where she is being Sam and another being Melanie and they sort of put it together to make it look like twins.

Did Rupert davies make a film in Plymouth called the uncle in the sixties?

Yes, he did. 1965. It was filmed largely on location in Plymouth.

Is quicksand a solid or a liquid?

quicksand is a crude mixture of whatevers in the sandpit, sand, water, often mud and stuff. ect.. so it is both. Containing a liquid and a solid make the mixture act as a semi-solid.

Where make a film?

You can make a film anywhere you have permission to establish a film set.

How much money does a movie theatre worker make?

Your answer depends on your location and the chain or independent film house where you work. Often, your rate of pay depends on your job. A manager will make more money than a worker who sweeps up popcorn after the film ends.

How do you make a sentence with the word scene?

This scene of the Grand Canyon is very beautiful.

How to make quicksand without cornstarch?

Try Mixing Mud And Sand With 1/2 pint of water. it might work.

How do you make a scene creator?

go to www.newgrounds.com and type scene creator tutorial to find out how.

Is there a sonic scene creator with shadic?

no, only if they make a new sonic scene creator

How do you play the sonic scene creator?

make the amazing scene but i dont know how to record

How do you make a second scene on Harry Potter puppet pals scene maker?

After you make a first scene, copy it to paint, then go back to scene creator ans delete everything you have done and start again, and paste it to a new paint.

Is there a deleted scene in Saving Mr. Banks that shows why P.L. Travers didn't like animation?

I'm not sure if there's a deleted scene, but it was explained in the movie. P.L. Travers wanted the film to be serious and she thought that animation would make it too childish.

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