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What can Johnny Cade teach readers?

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Johnny can teach others that growing up in a harsh world, and living a tough life doesn't mean you can't be sensitive, and retain your innocence. You can still find something that's good in the world. Whether it be something as simple as a sunset, or the loyalty and trust of your friends.

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Who died first Johnny Cade or Dallas Winston?

Johnny Cade.

Did johnny cade die?

Yes Johnny Cade does die. He dies at the end of chapter 9.

4 facts about johnny cade?

Johnny Cade is a character from The Outsiders. He was a greaser and lived with his mother and father. He was the youngest of the group. Johnny Cade had black eyes and jet-black hair.

What was johnnys last name in the outsiders?

Cade. Johnny Cade.

How old was Johnny Cade when he died in ''The Outsiders''?

johnny was 16 going on 17 whenehe dieid

How old was Johnny Cade when he died in?

Johny Cade was 16 when he died

What is Johnny from The Outsiders last name?

johnny cade

Johnny Cade and Johnny Depp look alike?


Who was killed by Johnny cade?

Bob was killed by Johnny

What is johnny cades real name?

Johnny Cade.

Who played Johnny in 'The Outsiders'?

johnney cade was played by ralph macchon

Who is Johnny Cade in The Outsiders?

johnny cade was a little/cute mexican greaser /also he is cute

Where did Johnny Cade died?

in the hospital.

How old was johnny cade in the outsiders?

johnny cade was 20/21 in a half in the moive outsiders

Where does johnny cade live?

tulksa oklahama

Where was Johnny Cade born?

Tulsa, Oklahoma

What Did Johnny Cade Give?

he gave head

When was johnny cade born?

ohh ghaahm

Did johnny cade die happy?


Is Johnny Cade from The Outdisers white?

In the movie he was.

What is johnny last name in The Outsiders?


What color eyes does johnny cade have?


What conflicts was johnny cade in?

The murder of Bob.

Where does Johnny Cade hang out in The Outsiders?

The lot

Is johnny cade a greaser?

Obviously YES

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