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In the summer, you can tend neighbors flower beds and gardens.

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Q: What can a 12 year old girl do that has nothing to do with a paper route animals and babysitting?
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What real job can I get im 11?

maybe a paper route, family business or babysitting!

What can kids do to make money?

Paper route, babysitting, running errands, cutting grass, doing chores.

List of jobs for 12 year old can do to earn money?

babysitting paper routechores

Jobs for children?

Do some yard work, recycle cans, paper route, babysitting. (If your children are old enough to do these jobs.)

How do you get a paying job if your only 12?

You could try babysitting or paper route but there are not alot of options for 12 yr. olds

What jobs are there for a 12 year old?

Babysitting, paper route, lawn mowing. Ask your parents, minister or teacher for ideas, too.

Where can a 13 year old find a job in louisville ky?

You should probably try paper route, babysitting relatives. ETC

What is the highest paying job a 13-year-old can get?

You should look into a paper route or babysitting for now. Babysitting is great because you can set your own schedule and rates. You can also expand this to house-sitting and pet walking.

How can a 13-year-girl raise money other than babysitting or lawn or pets?

paper route or helping old people around the town

What is the best way for a 11 year old to earn money?

Babysitting, pet sitting, snow shoveling, leaf raking, and maybe a paper route.

What kind of jobs are for twelve year-olds at Fontana?

If you are 12 years old I dont think there are many options other then paper route or babysitting.

What summer jobs can a thirteen year old get?

babysitting, lawn work, dog walking, grocery shopping for shut-ins, car washing, paper route

Name a type of job teenagers might have as their first job?

fastfood cashier babysitting paper route

What jobs can you work at if your 14?

Some of the jobs you can get are babysitting, paper route and flyer delivery. If you have completed grade 9, you may be able to work in fast food restaurants.

What are some fun easy jobs for kids?

paper route, mowing lawns, babysitting, if your family doesn't recycle, RECYCLE!!! It helps the Earth and you can earn money from it.

Who wrote Henry and the Paper Route?

who wrote Henry and the paper route

What jobs are hiring 11 year olds?

Your choices are pretty much limited to babysitting, having a paper route, doing chores for other people, and doing things for your parents for an allowance.

What job can a thirteen year old boy can get?

A thirteen year old boy might be able to work a paper route. He might also become a neighborhood dog walker. At thirteen, you are limited to only a couple of things. Cut grass, shovel snow, get a paper route, perhaps take a CPR or babysitting class at a Red Cross in your town and start babysitting for neighbors. These would get you a chance to earn money until you are old enough to get jobs at businesses.

What is a paper route in a gang?

A group of people that deliver paper on a certain route.

When was Paper Route - band - created?

Paper Route - band - was created in 2004.

When was The Paper Route created?

The Paper Route was created on 2000-09-05.

What is an easy way for a child to make money?

Some tried-and-true ways are babysitting, extra chores around the house (or for a neighbor, but arrange terms first), mowing lawns or a paper route.

How can you make a lot of money at the age of 14?

Babysitting, yard-work, household chores, dog walking, news-paper route, cleaning other people's pools, cleaning their houses etc.

What's is a good job to start at 14-15?

Newspaper route or babysitting.

What are some jobs for an 11 year old girl?

paper route paper route