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  • This is not as easy as it looks and I do feel for you hon. A group of girls can sometimes be more nastier than a group of guys and it's getting worse. "It takes a fool to be cool" and these girls are young, unintelligent and are trying to be cool. Inwardly I bet there are at least one or two of those girls that feels badly this is happening, but want to please the group they are with. Don't beg them to stop bothering you because this will inflame them even more. Sometimes ignoring them doesn't help either because they always manage to single the person out. I suggest you stick with another friend or friends and walk together. You are less likely to be tormented as much. Remember, school isn't forever and to you and to these bullies this will be but a faded memory in another year or so. Also, if they can't get a rise out of you they will eventually end up picking on someone else. Walk tall, stare 'em straight in the eyes and don't walk around hunched over!
  • You can tell the girls nicely to please stop. You can tell some you know and trust to help you and you can try making friends with the girls. You can walk away from the girls when ever they come near. you can make sure that the girls don't know that they are bothering you because when they see that you are scared that is fun for them, so if they don't know they aren't bothering you then they with stop bothering you and they will move on.
  • I'm 13 years old too and I used to get bullied a couple years ago. I was shy and didn't say anything if I was getting bullied. My trick is to not suck up to them. Be nice to them first and say just please stop. If they don't listen and keep going, with a little smirk on your face say " I honestly don't know why you people do this, does it give you satisfaction? Does it make you feel big and strong? Well I'm going to tell you something, you all aren't satisfied with yourselves. I think, there's a big black hole that you are trying to fix by going around and trying to put people down. Just stop! We all know the reason for bullying which is either jealously, or past experiences. It's either you stoptaking this anger out on me, or just keep it to yourselves or we become friends."
  • I stand up for myself and I never let anyone put me down. You just have to build your confidence. You don't needthem, you shouldn't ever be in contact with someone that tries to make you feel less of a person. Everyone deserves respect. Trust me you don't need or want anyone like that. They just have inner anger with themselves. So I guess they decided to make a group to put people down. Try to avoid people like that.
  • There's lots of things you could do, you could walk away, you could tell them off, must be very hard for you because you may feel like you are outmatched because these girls could be a clique. My advice would be this: if they bully you at a specific time, say, on the way to school or at the bus stop, you could ask a good friend to be by you. Another trick would be these clever comebacks :
  1. Simply disagree (Ex: Say, "I don't think so"
  2. Acted surprised.(Try, "I can't believe you just said that!"
  3. Let them have their own Point Of View (Something' like "That's your opinion")
  4. Ask a question, such as, "Was that really necessary? Really?
  5. Use the one word technique, like, "wow"
  6. Question the teaser ("That doesn't even make sense")
  7. Say the teaser's name "Monica!"
  8. Look confused, just say, "What????????" (Say this over if you need to.)
  9. If these girls are teasing you about your body (like because your chest is flat or your too fat or too skinny) you should tell, no matter how scared you are, because that is called harassment and its illegal in schools. They may think of it as "good fun" but its not.
  10. Remember, the "it's wrong to hit girls" rule does not apply if it's in self defense. In a fight, there is no gender. Only you and the opponent.


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Q: What can a 13-year-old do when they are being bullied by a group of girls who are the same age and live in the same neighborhood?
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