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Good for you for trying to get a good education. You won't be sorry! You sound like a mature young woman looking after a child and trying to get your education. You didn't say why you have to move out of your mother's home and if it's because you disagreed on certain things and don't always get along, try sitting down with your mother and ironing things out. Being home is the easiest for a young person with a small child. If this isn't possible you can get assistance through Child Welfare (that's what we call it in Canada.) Hopefully someone will come up behind me and give you familiar names in the U.S. that will help you relocate and help pay for babysitting services. I have to warn you that you shouldn't feel stressed about just choosing anyone to look after your child and you have a right to interview them and ask for their references. It's a MUST that your child is looked after properly by people that are licensed to do so and even then don't be afraid to check up on them. Good luck! Like the person above me..good for you to recognize that while you need things fast, the most major thing you need is to make a better future possible, however long it seems that takes. (I bet you'll find just like the years you've been with your child, it goes by in a wink of an eye). I also hope others will add some guidance on what you can do. The very first thing I thought of, is go to the colleges you think you can attend and speak with them. Explain your situation to everyone you can - generally someone in what's called the Bursers office and the Admissions office and Student Services - all of them if you must. Hopefully, one of them may see a way to at least help you with part of the getting you student housing, or even an assistant in an office or class position where you can get housing and/or free tuition. There are loans and grants available...there are probably scholorships sponsored by concerned companys and people for someone in your situation. Reach out trying to do the sometimes hard thing and you may find people will help you. Remember, when they do, it may not be just their job - say "Thank you". ==
Answer == If you enjoy children, have you considered being a live in nanny or housekeeper? This can be a great way to transition into supporting yourself and provide a way for you to make money while not having to place your own child in day care. Usually rent and bills are paid for and a salary is also granted so that you can pay for personal items. I did this for a while in college, working my classes around the families schedule. Often you can go through a local agency in your area to secure these jobs. They will do a background check and place you with a family compatible to your needs and theirs.

2007-07-28 22:53:34
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Q: What can a 17-year-old with a 3-year-old child do for financial help if you have finished high school and have a job until summer but have to be out of your mom's house soon and want to go to college?
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