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What can a bank do if you failed to give them the title from a car you purchased then failed to make payments on you then sold the car and kept the money you still owe 8k on it but Iam disabled from?

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2011-09-13 22:02:17

They will sue you in court....Win...and garnish any settlements

you may be receiving from the government. If they can not garnish

any type of payments you receive, they will garnish your tax

return, if you get one, or put leins on any property you may own,

including other cars, homes, etc. You will be required by law to

make monthly payments to the bank, or they have the right to

repossess whatever they have a lien on, including that already paid

off car, your home, etc.

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ALSO: by failing to send the title to the car as agreed when you

purchased the car, you are technically guilty of fraud, and you

could even be charged in criminal court.

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