What can a grade 9 class do to help poverty?

1. Do a publicized drive such as a car wash in which the proceeds collected and any food the attendees bring or clothing, and/or other useful items. Then find a way to distribute it among the needy. Every little bit helps. 2. Educate the needy by teaching some skills whether it be reading, learning another language, cooking, being watchful to problems that bring a community down, or even discussing job opportunities such as driving a vehicle to deliver flowers or pizzas or driving a taxi. 3. Find a Christian Church and hound them to get involved. Ask someone there to open a Bible and read to you Matthew 25:34-46, James 2:14-20. As a Christian I am very bothered by how many churches spend from the offering for doughnuts and coffee while our tax dollars are pledged to assist the needy. This is the responsibility of a Christian Church in addition to getting the Gospel out and not a burden for the taxpayers.