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First of all rationalise your feelings - is it really love, being in love or infatuation you are feeling and how well do you know the person you feel you love? Often the idea is not the reality. Lots of people feel embarrassed by their actions at one time or another when feelings aren't reciprocated and wished they'd acted differently and this will probably be out of proportion in your mind. Easier said than done but if you know your 'love' won't be returned be philosphical about it and just treat it as a moment in time that's over, recognise that you are wasting negative energy thinking about it and decide to turn that into positive energy. Try not to waste a moment longer on this 'useless' energy. It's serving no purpose except to make you feel worse and worse about your actions and how you feel and stopping you from moving on, having fun and opening yourself up to new possibilities and meeting someone who'll make YOU happy. Also, try writing down all your good points, the good things in your life you may take for granted like friends, security, family, health, whatever they may be and look to the future. Good Luck and hope you're soon feeling better!

AnswerUnrequited love??????????It wouldn't require you to search for anything that would make you feel better you would be getting it from the other spectrum. Suggest a heartfelt sorry for the chump change and start over from a new exit. AnswerUnrequited love??????????It wouldn't require you to search for anything that would make you feel better you would be getting it from the other spectrum. Suggest a heartfelt sorry for the chump change and start over from a new exit.
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