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There is no magical fast way to do this just focus on when about 5 days before you ovulate and when you ovulate.

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Q: What can a married woman do if she wants to get pregnant very fast?
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Is pregnant woman have to fast after delivery?


Can a pregnant Muslim woman fast during Ramadan?

If the pregnant woman can afford fasting without negative effects on her health, according to the advice of the physician, then she can fast Ramadan. Otherwise, she is allowed not to fast Ramadan during pregnancy but she has to compensate for the days not fasted later on when she can fast.

Can a woman get pregnant alone?

Yes, you need spermicidal lubricant and fast fingers.

What vitamins should a women take for her to get pregnant fast?

Taking vitamins will not increase the speed at which a woman becomes pregnant.

Does a Jewish woman fast if she is menstruating?

Yes she does. According to Judaism, pregnant, nursing, sick or small children do not fast.

How fast is the heartbeat of a pregnant woman?

100 beats per minute plus minus 05

Do Sheikhs practice fasting of Ramadan?

Of course ;Every Muslim has to fast Ramadan .Exceptions :-A crazy man/woman .A very old man/woman , who can't fast , so another one fast fro him .A pregnant woman who is giving birth in Ramadan .A woman , at the time of the menstrual cycle .

Do pregnant Muslims have to fast?

With regard to the pregnant woman, it is permissible for her not to fast if she fears some harm which she thinks will most likely affect her and/or her baby. Breaking the fast becomes obligatory if she fears that she may die or be severely harmed if she fasts.

What does it mean when a woman says she wants to go slow?

it means when a woman wants to go slow is that she needs a little break from the relationship and needs time to herself. either that or your going to fast during intercourse.

Why do some Muslims not have to fast?

It depends on their age group...If they are really sick, or if the woman is pregnant, or sometimes the girl has a ozr or they aren't obliged ti fast for a couple of days.

If a pregnant woman hits you first and you defend yourself can you still go to jail?

I would run, pregnant women can not run very fast (Not that they would want to in the first place)

What nutrients are lacking in a pregnant woman during the fast of Ramadan?

The restrictions only apply from sunup to sundown, so a pregnant woman shouldn't be lacking in anything. In addition, the religion of Islam makes exception for those with medical issues such as pregnancy.

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