What can a small child do when parents insist or force the child to homeschool even though he is terribly unhappy?

We homeschool our children. At the beginning of the school year each year we sit them down and talk to them to make sure they are still happy with homeschooling. It is a choice we make as a family and it will never be pushed or guilt tripped onto them. You should respect the parents decision in front of the child. If the child sees you openly going against their parents decisions, it will only cause more strife and make things harder on everyone. However, when the child is not around, you can sit the parents down and politely address your concerns. If you do it in a caring, but not accusing way, they may see your side. On the otherhand, there may be reasons that you are not seeing for what is going on as well. If so, they may be able to set your mind at ease.

Parents are the God given authority in a child's life. They make the decisions for their child based upon what they believe to be in the child's best interest.

Children may be unhappy about many situations, that doesn't the situation should be changed. So what can a small child do? Honor and respect your mother and father.

I think that last statement was ridiculous! Parents can be wrong, and if the child is being forced to do homeschooling he or she isn't going to learn much when he or she is so upset. In the long run, the child will be messed up. As far as knowing how to help. You really can't do anything by law but if the child is so upset he or she should express it to his/ or her parent and if the parent is loving and a good parent the parent will understand.

No need to bring religion into it. More to the point, what in particular is the child unhappy about? Is there a special friend he misses from school (supposing he has ever gone to one)? If so, maybe suggest a sleepover at the friend's home, or vice versa. Alternatively, are these particular parents just not very good teachers? It happens, though of course not just to homeschoolers. Or is it just a bit of "grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome? Has he been hearing from other kids about what they do at school, and think he's missing something? If this last, maybe look around for a not too dreadful school and give him a chance to learn that there's just as much to be unhappy about at school as at home.

If the child is resistant to home schooling, and would rather go to public school. The best thing to do is return the child to school. There are many times when the parent thinks they are acting in the best interest of the child but may not be. I was home schooled against my will and ended up dropping out. You can not force a child to learn. It is like the saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. The child may need interaction with other children or need special help that you are not certified to give. If you as a parent do not like the public schooling system in your area, then try the private sector. Private schooling cost wise is not much different. Or if you really feel that this is something that will benefit your child and personally need to keep home schooling, look into co-op's in your area. there are several churches that have days when they will Co-Op and all of the children get to have class together. Remember if you continue homeschooling there will be no sports, prom, homecoming events etc. for your child. These were the reasons I was so hesitant in the Home schooling process. Although I can say that my sister and brother did well with the curriculum provided for them. Although it was hard for them to get into college. You should definitely listen to the needs of this particular child. All parents should at least listen. It is the child's life in the wings, and they should have some hand in their future .