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Space or a vacuum as there are no atoms...

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How many mediums can a sound wave pass through?

Solid, Liquid and Gas... These are the three things a sound wave can get trough... A sound-wave can get trough solid easily, because of all the particles, after that trough Liquid and at least trough Gas...

What states of matter can waves travel through?

It depends. Is it a mechanical wave or a electromagnetic wave? Mechanical waves (for example sound waves) travel trough every state of matter and they can't exist without matter. They don't travel through vacuum. Electromagnetic waves travel trough space and get interrupted only by other electromagnetic waves.

What are sound wave amplitudes?

the amplitude of a wave is measured from the peak to trough from a given period.

The velocity of sound in vacuum is?

It is told that sound cannot travel trough vacuum. Sound can only travel through medium.

What are 4 parts of a sound wave?

longitudinal , transverse, crust, trough

Define the amplitude of sound waves?

Amplitude of a sound wave is the height between the peak (top most part of the wave) and the trough (bottom most part of the wave).

Can sound travel trough a vacuum?

No, because there is no substance to propagate.

Can you describe the parts of a sound wave?

Crest and Trough Amplitude Wavelength Frequency

A sound wave will travel most quickly in what?

A sound wave can travel mor quickly in water than in air

Does sound travel?

Yes, sound is a wave and it travels when there is a medium for it to travel through.

Where is trough of wave lllustrate-?

The trough of a wave usually illustrates the peak of the wave in question.

Sound waves are characterized by crests and troughs?

That is correct. The crest is the highest point of the sound wave, the trough is the lowest.

What type of wave does a sound use to travel?

A sound wave travels in longitudinal waves.

What wave needs a medium to travel?

A sound wave would be a good example of a wave needing a medium to travel.

What is a wave that requires a medium through which to travel?

A mechanical wave such as a sound wave requires a medium to travel through.

What are the objects called that allow sound to travel through them?

Sound is a pressure wave. Objects that "allow" sound to travel through them could be called wave guides.

Sound waves do not travel through what?

Sound wave do not travel through vaccum as it need medium to travel.

How is wave length of light determined?

To measure the wavlength of light or sound, you measure the distance from ther crest (hump) of the wave to the trough (dip) of the wave.

What are crust and trough?

the crust and trough are the two things on a wave the crust is the top part of each wave and the bottom of the wave is the trough from one wave to another is the wavelength

How is a sound wave a compression wave?

As a sound wave travels it compresses the air particles around it together in order for it to travel because a wave cannot travel if the matter it uses isn't connected.

How do sound waves travel trough matter?

Sound waves travel through the three states of matter (gas, liquid and solid) by vibrations.

How can the loudness of a sound be determined by the waves?

The loudness of a sound (or intensity) corresponds to the sound wave's amplitude. The amplitude of a wave is the distance from the midpoint of the wave to a high-point (crest) or low-point (trough).

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