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Keyboards are designed to be easy to type on (requiring enough pressure on the keys so that you don't press them accidently, but not so much that they are hard to type on) and quiet. A good keyboard will have a number pad and lights that are actually mounted on the caps lock and num lock keys, rather than a few lights on the corner of the keyboard. It will have a "Page Up/Down", "home/end" keys, "help", and "delete" as well as "backspace". It should have an "Escape key and keys F1-F15. Many keyboards have things like sound volume and monitor brightness/contrast on the keyboard. Some have buttons that will bring up your web browser or mail client. Some keyboards, usually laptop keyboards, are internally lit so that you can type in the dark. More expensive keyboards are wireless. You'll find that a really expensive keyboard doesn't have that much advantage over a cheap one.

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Q: What can a top of the range keyboard do today?
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What is a long range wireless keyboard?

IOGEAR Long Range Media Center Desktop GKM551R Wireless Keyboard is one that has pretty good range. This keyboard has a whopping 15 foot range.

Who was the keyboard named after?

The keyboard was named after Dr. August Dvorak. In 1936, Dr. Dvorak came up with a plan to standardize the letter keys on the keyboard for a typewriter. The nickname for the Dvorak keyboard that is still used today is the QWERTY keyboard because of the placement of the left hand, top line letters.

What is the name of the keyboard you use today?

Qwerty keyboard.

The keyboard style that is widely used today is called?

The most widely used keyboard today is called the Qwerty keyboard, created by Christopher Sholes

What is d keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range?

F11 is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range

What is the official name for today's keyboard?

The most common keyboard used nower days is a Qwerty keyboard.

Ten letter word top row of keyboard?

compact keyboard

What are numeric keys on the keyboard?

the keys 1-0 at the top of the keyboard

How do you enter a range into an argument in a function?

You can type it in or select the range using the mouse or keyboard.

What is a typical range of a cordless keyboard and mouse?

The average range of wireless keyboard and computer mice is 15 feet. However different products have different ranges and other devices can interfere with their performance limiting the range.

Name of the other keyboard that is rarely used today?

I would say the The Dvorak Keyboard.

What is the difference between a guitar amp and a keyboard amp?

Not much. Keyboard amp will have a better frequency range.

Why is the keyboard called the Qwerty keyboard?

because of the first 6 letters on the top left corner of the keyboard it is called QWERTY!!!

How do you type numbers?

there on the top of the keyboard

How do you type the dollar sign on a keyboard?

Press Shift then press 4 at the top of your keyboard.

What is the IO address range for the keyboard?


How do you make the under score symbol on the computer keyboard?

Hold shift and press the dash button (in between the 0 and +/= at the top of the keyboard). Hold shift and press the dash button (in between the 0 and +/= at the top of the keyboard).

What is the average price to purchase a PC keyboard?

Average PC keyboard prices can range anywhere from $15 to $80. Keyboard prices depend on the type of keyboard, the brand, durability, and many other factors.

Where is the tilde character on the keyboard?

It's located at the top-left of your keyboard, below the Escape key.

Qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm?

qwertyuiop is the top row of the keyboard asdfghjkl is the middle row of your keyboard zxcvbnm is the bottom row of the keyboard yay

What is the name of the keyboard?

AnswerThe official name of the keyboard is "Qwerty". The keyboard is named after the top row of letters on the keyboard. If you don't think so just look on your keyboard.

Where is qwertyuiop?

At the top of the standard English keyboard.

Where is the divided sign on the keyboard?

on the top hlf

How do you measure a Keyboard?

From the very top across it

What are the function of top row on keyboard?


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