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How can one donate to the Canadian cancer society?

One can donate to the Canadian cancer society through their website. Simply click on the 'Donate' link and choose whether to donate as a business or individual. Fill in the form and choose the amount to donate by credit card.

Is cut human hair good for anything besides wigs?

You can donate it to people with cancer.

Is there any way for an individual to get a donated car?

It is possible for an individual to get a donated car. A family member or potentially a charity can donate a car to an individual.

When did the genocide in Darfur end?

The Darfur genocide never ended buddy. Simply type in "When did the Darfur genocide end" into Google, and you find a list of charities to donate to. You see those, but no date. why? because it never ended. Although the genocide had died down slightly over time, it is still going on today. the death toll has been estimated in the millions. It makes you really realize how lucky you are, doesn't it?

Can an individual with o blood group donate his blood to an A blood group person?

O blood can always donate to positive, however if you're O negative, you can donate to ANYBODY, and O positive you may only donate to other positive blood types.

Can you give a blood donation when you have a small cold?

You would have to wait until your symptoms have cleared before you can donate blood. Even if a cold is not a major illness, blood centers wait until the individual is perfectly healthy to donate as blood is a very delicate and perishable fluid. Most blood centers will have guidelines that help determine if an individual is eligible to donate blood.

Can human live with one lung?

of course! how do u think people donate them? besides, u really only need one

When is it unsafe to donate blood?

If you're ill, you should not donate blood. Your body is fighting something and blood donation is an added strain on your body. Besides the possibility of passing whatever you have to the recipient, it will take your body longer to return your health.

How ethical is the process of organ transplant?

It depends on each individual situation. I was 3 years old and would have died without a liver transplant. My mother donated the left lobe of her liver. If the donor is of a sound mind and willing to donate even after being informed of risks, it is ethical.

What can an individual who is blood type AB negative do?

An individual who is blood type AB negative can receive any blood type that is negative. Somebody who is O negative can donate blood to anyone.

What is the minimum a person can donate on the Christian Relief Fund website?

There is no amount of money that a person can donate on the Christian Relief Fund website. The site allows you to select donations of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or an individual amount.

If an individual is blood type A- who can he or she give blood to?

They can DONATE blood to A and AB blood types. They can RECEIVE from A and O blood types.

What the effect of blood donation to individual and community?

Everyone makes a big difference when they donate blood and the rate of blood scarcity will be low.

Can a living 17 year old donate a liver?

Probably depends on the state, but generally, no. Most donors need to be at least 18 or 21 years of age. Besides, you need your liver. If you donate it to someone else, you'll die. Usually not recommended by most medical practitioners.

How can one help to rescue a Bullmastiff?

You are able to donate or adopt a bullmastiff. The goal is to rescue bullmastiff from owners which lifestyle or financial situation has changes drastically.

Can car dealerships donate a car and use it as a tax write off?

Yes any company or individual can donate a car and use it as a tax write off. there are many charities requesting vehicle donation and it is a great way to give back to the community.

What are compatible blood types?

There are eight different bloodtypes: O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-. AB can receive blood from anyone, but can only donate to another AB person. A can receive blood from groups A or O, but can only donate to an A or AB person. B can receive from B or O, but can only donate to a B or AB person. O is the universal donor and can donate to anyone, but can only receive from another O individual.



Can i donate your hair if you smoke weed?

i wouldn't let you donate my hair but you can donate your own

Can an individual with o blood group donate blood to a A group person?

Yes, O is the universal donor. However you have to match the rhesus factor too.

How do you spell donate?

Donate is the correct spelling.

Can childreans donate their blood?

yes , they can also donate their blood they have allthe right to donate their blood.

What blood types can donate to what blood types?

AB can only donate blood to other ABs. A can donate blood to As and ABs. B can donate blood to Bs and ABs. O can donate to all blood types. Negative Rh factors can donate to both positive and negative Rh factors, however postive Rh factors can only donate to other positive. So if I had O+ blood, I couldn't donate to A-, but could donate to A+.

Slogan on eye donation?

donate eyes ,donate life. donate your eyes and give someone sight

Can a person with multiple sclerosis donate plasma?

When donating blood, each individual donation facility has the right to turn down anyone for any health-related reasons. Multiple Sclerosis is not in the blood or the plasma, and is therefore not on prohibited list, but sometimes the medications you are taking to reduce your symptoms are. Plasma donation centers will ask for a thorough medical history and background, including recent prescriptions. If you are taking chemotherapy medication, you will not be able to donate plasma. If you are interested in donating blood or plasma, it is a good idea to call ahead and explain your medical situation. In most cases, you will be allowed to donate, but it is best to make sure ahead of time.

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