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If it is original equipment, contact the dealer. If it is add on, someone with electrical expertiece can cut the wire or pull the fuse.

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Why is there day and night?

When the Earth rotates sometimes we face the sun causing day and sometimes we face away from the sun causing night. )

Can a tune up stop knocking?

Sometimes. It depends on what is causing the knocking.

How do viruses cause disease?

by injecting their genetic material into the host cell causing the cell to react and sometimes causing a genetic mutation

What is computer system network security used for?

Computer system network security is used to prevent any unwanted users to gain access to a network. The security prevents attackers from causing damage to important networks.

Crohns is in remission what does this mean?

Remission is the time when the disease is not active. Symptoms are not usually apparent or causing problems and the Crohns disease patient feels well.

How can you get seizures by playing video games?

The flashing lights in most video games sometimes trigger things in the brain, causing it to be confused, causing a seizure.

What would happen if a person's Myelin was destroyed or damaged?

Myelin is the insulating "sheath" that surrounds nerves in your body. When the myelin breaks down, false signals make it into the nerves, sometimes causing pain, and sometimes causing muscle spasms.

Why are people sometimes gay?

As far as real scientific theories, it is thought that in males it has to do with genetics of the mother causing prenatal hormone levels to change, causing then to be homosexual.

Dark energy is an unexplained force that is causing?

Dark Energy is an unexplained theoritical mathematical quantity that is proposed to account for the apparent steady increase in the rate of expansion of the universe.

Why are your fans turning on intermitently?

When I turn my AC on sometimes they come on and sometimes dont, causing it to overheat. I checked the fans by hotwiring from the battery and they turned on everytime.

Why does electrical outlet sometimes get hot with nothing plugged in?

Sometimes it can be a loose connection on the terminals causing the heat.Possible fire hazard.I would have the switch replaced.

When At idle engine sometimes stalls and will not restart?

the choke could be sticking causing the car the flood

Why is a watermark a good security feature?

when you try to scan a watermarked paper or dollar, the watermark will not copy, causing the copied version not to have the watermark. No watermark, not the original... sounds like a good security feature to me!

Why isn't wool used in quilts?

because wool sometimes shrinks when you wash it causing your quilt to be distorted

Why sometimes do you yawn when you wake up?

Your brain is deprived of oxygen, which triggers your dighram to flex causing a yawn.

What are the most important security issues facing companies today?

Some lines of work like genetic modification are very controversial causing the possibility of hacking. Cyber security is probably a very important priority.

What causes red water?

Red water is caused sometimes by blood. Sometimes in rivers or oceans, animals get injured and their blood floats up to surface causing red water.

Why do your ears pop during pregnancy?

Pregnancy will sometimes cause your balance to be off and therefore causing your ears to pop.

How do comets move?

the gravity from the sun pulls them along, sometimes causing them to hit planets or other types of debris.

How does a Comet move?

the gravity from the sun pulls them along, sometimes causing them to hit planets or other types of debris.

Why do farmers get rid of weeds?

because weeds compete with their plants taking their water, sometimes causing their crops to die

What does it mean if a glass smashes for no apparent reason?

There may be a small possibility that the glass was moved by poltergeist activity. When the glass was moved, the move put the glass in an unstable position, causing it to fall and break.

What occurs when a rogue access point is added to a WLAN?

Unauthorized users can gain access to internal servers, thus causing a security hole.

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