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No Damage Should Result From This If You Allow The Car To Cool Down On Its Own, Although It Would Have Been Best To Let The Fan Run Until It Shut Off. But Sounds Like You Are OK.

2006-08-20 06:34:19
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Q: What can be damaged if you pull the cooling fan fuse while the fans are running but the engine is not?
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Can engine be damaged if timing belt goes on a 2000 toyota sienna.?

If it breaks while the engine is runnIng, yes. It can damage the valve train

What causes radiator to spurt water out while engine is running?

A hole in the radiator would do that, or a damaged radiator cap. It could be a cracked engine block that is allowing cylinder pressure into the cooling system, pressurizing the water until it breaks through a weak spot in the radiator.

Why does your cooling fan come on when car is just sitting?

While your car is running the engine is heating up. While your driving you have air being forced over the radiator cooling it off. When you are sitting still you don't have that air so your engine is heating up even more so the cooling fan comes on to help cool you engine off. Via cooling the radiator.

What causes ticking sound after car engine is warm and car has been running a while?

that's just the sound of the steel bits cooling down

Lumina 2001 engine light on whie working radiator fan?

Your Lumina 2001 engine light might come on while the radiator fan is working because the fan is turning too slowly, is damaged, or is not cooling the engine correctly.

Do you add coolant to the Ford Taurus while the engine is running?

Yes you can - it's also part of how to bleed the cooling system. See "Related Questions" below for more

Will your alternator recharge your battery if you let it sit for a while?

If the engine is running and the alternator is good. If the engine is not running, no.

Can engine be damaged if belt breaks while driving?

That depends on the engine and what belt (timing or accessory).

Why is my radiator fan running continusly on mercedes E200 2000 model?

The radiator fan is designed to run continuously while the engine is running so that the temperature of the coolant can be lowered. The coolant is continuously run through the engine, collecting engine heat and dispersing it over the radiator fins; while the fan blows the fins and cooling off the coolant before recirculating back through the engine in a continuous cycle.

Does an alternator charge a battery while the car is not running?

No , just when the engine is running

How do you tell if Alternator is bad?

Get engine running. While the engine is running disconect the POSITIVE termninal from the battery. If the engine dies, the Alterntor is bad.

Why does a car run at a normal temperature while running but gets hot while idling?

Cooling fan may not be working as it should. If it is not coming on either the fan is defective, fuse is blown, or the thermal sensor is bad. If it is running and the engine is still overheating the radiator may be partially clogged.

What does a vehicle depend on to keep it charged while the car is running?

The alternator - it provides a charge to the battery while the engine is running.

Why is coolant flooding out of the bottle?

It sounds like your cooling system is pressurised. Check for a blown head gasket by removing the radiator cap while engine is warm and running. Look for air bubbles. If there is air bubbles, overhaul the top end of the engine.

Suburban loses power while driving?

Is the engine running ? no

What is code p1171?

engine is running lean while eccelerating

Will the engine be damaged if while running some of the teeth on the timing belt strip off?

sometimes there can be serious damage when this happens. if engine is shut down pretty quick you may not have much damage some damage can be bent valve stems. in the heads,

Why when you powerwash your engine while its running now the engine is still running but the car is not physically moving what could be wrong?

Because it's in park.

Can you change the oil filter while oil is in engine?

Yes (, just be sure the engine is not running) .

Do you check the transfer case fluid level while the engine is running?


Will running open headers while its cold out side hurt a engine?


Should you use a window unit in your home while running central cooling?

doesnt matter,it want hurt.

Where is the cooling system pressure release valve on a 2004 jeep wrangler?

Cooling system pressure should only be VERY (!) carefully released by giving the radiator cap a quarter-turn, but first cover the cap with a heavy cloth cloth or wear leather gloves since the coolant temperature will be over boiling. There is no separate pressure relief valve. Remember too to only add water to an overheated engine while the engine is running. Never add cold water to a hot engine without the engine running as doing so can crack the block.

How do you turn the headlights and running lights off while keeping the engine running?

Try applying parking brake

Why would a engine light flash on a 1996 ford f150 truck while running?

If the check engine light is flashing with the engine running , that means a spark plug misfire has been detected