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You have to be honest with yourself .. do you really love him? If you did, why do you allow him to cancel that meeting to talk things out and why do you recoil over this meeting as well? You are in control of your own destiny and if you want to make a decision regarding this relationship then you are going to have to take the reins and mean business! The next time he sets up an appointment to meet, tell him that either he keeps this appointment or you don't want to hear from him again (and stick to your guns on that!) Obviously you are both confused. Sometimes when there is a problem in a relationship the women involved can think things out, but men are "black and white" to some degree and become more confused over the problems. Women needless to say are complex creatures at best and can drive a man around a bend, so he probably needs this head space because things are coming at him too quickly. The fact he said he loves you and wants to meet with you is a good indication he wants to "fix things" but doesn't know what to do. It's up to both of you to meet and discuss what those problems are and it's called COMMUNICATION! Communication is more important than sex in a relationship because if you don't have that you don't have a life. So, get on the blower and give him a call. Tell him where you want to meet and if he misses this appointment then he can keep going and you're moving on. Hopefully, if he's sincere and wants to resolve your problems and get back together he'll be there. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What can be done if you and your boyfriend split up because he wants more space but says he loves you and you love him and he wants to meet to talk but you both keep cancelling at the last minute?
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