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Probably not much. But you can try brushing really well a couple times a day and flossing at least once. And rinse a couple times a day with warm salt water. Try not to chew your food on the side of your mouth with the achy tooth. A gum numbing gel may help a tiny bit, but that's not really numbing the tooth and it won't last very long. It's very hard to control a toothache without proper medical treatment. But all of these things may help. When I read your question, I remembered that pharmacies used to sell oil of cloves for this. I searched on the web and found the item below on the U of Michigan web site, so presumably it has some validity. I myself have never had a plain cavity ache, however. I did once have a nerve die in a tooth and my school didn't recognize the problem. It was excruciating for five days, but then the pain stopped because the nerve was dead. Hopefully you could fly out to a more developed country temporarily to get treatment. "# Oil of cloves for severe toothache If you cannot see a dentist for several days and an open cavity is visible, clean all food out of the cavity with a toothpick, Water-Pik, or water in a syringe. Put in a few drops of oil of cloves (80% eugenol). You won't need a prescription to get oil of cloves. If the cavity is large, pack it with a small piece of cotton soaked with oil of cloves. Try to keep the oil of cloves off the tongue because it stings. The cavity can also be temporarily sealed with melted candle wax. Just rub it in with your fingertip."

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Q: What can be done to ease the pain of a toothache while working in a developing country away from proper dental care?
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