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It sounds as if the pressure switch located on the power steering pump is disconnected, or broken. Look around the pump- there should be a wire going to it. The purpose of this wire is to send a signal to the computer to bump up the idle when the steering pump is under a load, such as turning the wheels.

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Is there a problem with 5 speed on 1989 Nissan Sentra?

1989 Nissan Sentra Wagon 5 Speed intermittently wants to die out. Unless I give it gas it will stall. It will start back up again, with the same problem until problem stops. No pattern to diagnose.

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Does Nissan Sentra have a fuel pump reset button?

no, but there is a relay or fuse for the fuel pump you can pull. there really is no way to "reset" a fuel pump. if it stops working it needs to be replaced, assuming the pump is the cause of the failure

What happens after a computer shuts down I think everything stops workin LOL?

the power is cut off...

Nissan sentra 02GXE power lock and doom light not working and you know when you put your key on the car it makes this beeping sound and than stops not doing that as well what caused and solution?

interested to know. Have the exact same problem! Would save me a 200$

What makes Nissan mazima car 2001 stops on highway?

A traffic light, a school bus,

Ford expedition engine shuts off while driving or stopping Before the engine stops the truck shakes a little before it shuts off When I'm at a stop sign engine shuts off and have to restart why?

Had same problem on my 03. Replaced the fuel and air filter and had plugs replaced. Ran like new after. Dont know which its was but a place to start.

Engine makes noise but stops when you put the clutch pedal in Nissan 240sx?

Probably the through out bearing.

How do you reset tire pressure light 2009 Nissan Versa?

Push the Reset button located under the dash and hold it until it flashes and stops. Release button when the flashing stops and then press again until it flashes. When it stops flashing, release button.

How can you permanently disable 1989 Nissan Fairlady 300Z 4 wheel steering?

Check any Nissan perfomance parts website; there is a NCAS eliminator bar that stops the movement. Under $300

How do you replace speedometer on 95 sentra?

Speedometer is an integrated part of the instrument panel. If you have problems with the speedometer, check first the peed sensor. My 96 Sentra have problems with the speedometer. I replaced the speed sensor and instrument panel and still the dial stops intermittently, this turns-on the check engine light. For me, the next step is to check the wiring.

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How do I enter the radio code in a Nissan?

To enter the radio code into your Nissan you need to turn your car to the accessories position. Then once the radio stops playing press the 4 button and the option will come up to enter your code.

2001 Nissan Quest What worst can happen when your timing belt popped?

Your engine stops and you end up being presented with a bill for repairs.

My 206 makes a very loud high pitch screeching noise that stops and starts especially when it is stationary near the radiator.?

electric fan runs of a thermostat shuts off when coolant is cool enought

What is the warning od off indicator on a Nissan altima?

Means the switch that stops the trany from using the overdrive is shut off. Usually a switch on the shifter.

Why does gas nozzle at pump stop when gas tank is empty?

It doesn't. It stops when the tank is full. Assuming you are asking why the gas nozzle shuts off when the tank is full, I am not an engineer but I would guess that there is some type of pressure sensor in the nozzle that reads back pressure coming from the neck of the vehicle fuel tank and when that pressure reaches a certain point, it shuts the nozzle off.

2001 Nissan Frontier suddenly stops running as if no fuel Tanks full-suggestions?

Discovered fuel pump is running but there is no spark to the plugs. What now?

After driving my 2003 Chevy Suburban for a couple of hours vehicle stops on highway after a few minutes starts up drives about an hour then shuts off again this process repeats itself?

need help here someone help me

What is the Largest tires on 2001 Jeep Wrangler that will fit with no lift?

31/10.50/r15 will fit . but you might have to adjust the wheel stops out so they dont rub when you turn sharp

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