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By keeping your mind firing on all cylinders you will improve thinking and keep your mind sharp. Analytical thinking excercises like Suduko and crossword puzzles, video-games that require hand-eye coordination and the herb ginko biloba have shown in clinical trials to help, too.

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Does doing brain exercises have any real benefit of keeping mentally active?

Alzheimer's studies have shown that exercising your brain is beneficial. Challenging your brain helps to keep it active and when your brain is active you stay mentally sharp.

How you can have an active brain?

Try logic problems or math to keep your brain active. You can find a lot of cryptograms, anagrams, and word ladders online that will help you keep your brain going.

What are good brain teaser games?

There are several brain training games you can buy for the nintendo ds or another popular-non computer game is sudoku which has been shown to keep the brain active and sharp.

Does writing help your brain cells?

No. Your brain cells are still your brain cells no matter what. But, however, if you keep on wrighting and like practicing, you can get better at it.

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Nothing, but it will help keep other things (tarmac, trees, cars...) from doing anything to your brain when you crash

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How does reading newspapers and books help us?

It feeds the brain and keep us informed.

How can you help to keep information in your brain?

Study or repeat stuff over and over agian

What is being done to help keep the African elephants alive?


Pick Up a Brain Fitness Hobby?

Staying mentally sharp is incredibly important, especially as you get older. Think of your brain as a muscle. Brain fitness means exercising, it means staying in shape. The best way to keep yourself sharp is with a mentally stimulating hobby. Try reading for an hour a day, doing puzzles or picking up a game of Chess now and then. Think of it as your daily workout, but for your brain, and you'll find brain fitness easy.

Does anyone know of exercises for brain fitness?

A good exercise for the brain is to repeat things. Repeat in your head or out loud to help keep your brain going. Another good thing is reading. You can keep your mind going by staying healthy also.

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yes ,because people keep on destroyed

What can I do to help brain Fitness?

by reading and looking into how to keep yourself fit and alert so you can live a long healthy live and be intelligent that or you can roll around in some toxic waste and hope you get a super brain and not brain cancer.

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