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At 200K mileage it's time for a rebuild. The rings and cylinder walls have done their job; the cam, rod, and main bearings are worn out, the timing chain is stretched, the cam lobes are worn down beyond giving adequate lift, the lifters are worn concave-- and possibly mushroomed, the valve guides are worn to the point that there exists excessive lateral play, the valves and seats are thin, the crankshaft has wound and unwound and heated enough to be retired, the oil pump housing has wear on it, and the core plugs are about to spring a leak. A small-block Chevrolet engine is a wonderful thing--- until it is pushed beyond its expected lifespan without attention to the internals, forcing it to undergo a catastrophic demise. It's time for new pistons and rods, new crankshaft and camshaft, new three-piece timing outfit, block reconditioning, new valves, guides, and seals, new main, rod, and cam bearings, new lifters, new oil pump, and new rings. It's also time for new valve springs and a set of push rods. If the block is line-bored and the crank balanced, the piston skirts knurled and the pistons sized to the individual bores, adding the related gaskets and seals and belts and hoses and fluids and pumps should give the basics of a great start to another 200K. All that should remain is to fit it with a proper carburetor. I hope I've answered your question. Good luck. jb

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Q: What can be done to keep a 1987 Chevy 305 at 200k running for another 200 000 miles?
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