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What can be done when a lender has not responded to the requests from a person whose car has been repossessed so the car can be retrieved?


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2005-01-11 12:21:53
2005-01-11 12:21:53

Theres likely a REASON for it. Call a local attorney for state specific advice.


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Your car was probably repossessed by the lender who owns the car until you pay for it. Call your lender and they will be able to tell you how to locate your repossessed car.

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a lender can do as he/she pleases with the vehicle after 31 the state of Alabama

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Your option is to CALL the lender who had it repossessed and find out how much it will cost to get it back. Repossession is a matter between YOU and the LENDER. There is no state agency that oversees the process.

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CALL the lender or better yet, VISIT the lender with CASH ready to pay off the car.

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