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I would start out by using a hot water pressure washer with a store bought driveway cleaner. You can rent one at your local hardware store. Chances are the muratic acid you used mixed with oil, dirt, or soap that was left behind on your driveway. Next, while the driveway is still wet, mix a small amount of the acid with water in a 5 gallon bucket. Use a disposable dust broom or masonry broom to scrub the acid into the concrete. You will notice that the acid will foam and have a froth on top. This is because the acid is burning the concrete. You will want to rinse the area you scrubbed the acid into right away with the pressure washer. If you fail to rinse ALL of the acid...your concrete will stain, which in your case is a tan color. I've cleaned a few brick and precast buildings in my time. P.S. Don't forget to wear eye protection.

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Q: What can be done when muriatic acid changes your driveway concrete a blotchy tan instead of the ivory white it once was?
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