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I would start out by using a hot water pressure washer with a store bought driveway cleaner. You can rent one at your local hardware store. Chances are the muratic acid you used mixed with oil, dirt, or soap that was left behind on your driveway. Next, while the driveway is still wet, mix a small amount of the acid with water in a 5 gallon bucket. Use a disposable dust broom or masonry broom to scrub the acid into the concrete. You will notice that the acid will foam and have a froth on top. This is because the acid is burning the concrete. You will want to rinse the area you scrubbed the acid into right away with the pressure washer. If you fail to rinse ALL of the acid...your concrete will stain, which in your case is a tan color. I've cleaned a few brick and precast buildings in my time. P.S. Don't forget to wear eye protection.

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Q: What can be done when muriatic acid changes your driveway concrete a blotchy tan instead of the ivory white it once was?
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What is creep in concrete?

Creep is what happens when concrete changes form because of pressure or load on the concrete. It can occur immediately or long term.

Why do concrete roads have gaps between the large pieces of concrete?

The concrete gaps are called expansion joints to allow the concrete to expand and contract as the weather changes. Without expansion joint gaps, the concrete slabs would crack under the stress induced.

How do expansion joints in a sidewalk keep the concrete from cracking?

Expansion joints allow the concrete to expand and contract with temperature changes which prevents it from cracking.

What is the recommended slope on a driveway?

A 1/8th inch per foot slope is sufficient enough to properly drain any precipitation. Other than for the purposes of drainage, a slope on a driveway is unnecessary unless it is to deal w/ changes in elevation.

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Why are there gaps at regular spots in the side walk?

They're called "expansion joints". Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes. The expansion joints allow this to happen without cracking the concrete slab.

How much does a cubic yard of concrete cost?

About $180 delivered in Philadelphia area. Price changes according to local.

What are disadvantages of precast concrete?


Can you glue wood flooring to concrete subfloor?

I would not. The wood has to expand and contract with temp changes. Your floor will buckle if you do.

What is engineering significance of sand silt content?

Actually it changes ratio of cement to the other contents of concrete (Sand and crush). However an optimum percentage of cement sand and crush is decided by trial casting of concrete

Cost Asphalt top coat?

This question is too specific as roads would be less expensive than a drive because of the quantity. However assuming the question was based on a driveway it should be about $.85 to 1.25 per square foot. Once the base coat on your driveway has been applied it is best to give it time to set up perhaps 6 months or longer if possible. This is because a new driveway is likely to develop small pockets and sink holes due to settling and water flow changes. Although a driveway can be repaired when this happens it never looks the same as if it were done at the same time.

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How do you clean concrete with muriatic acid?

That depends on what you're trying to clean off. Technically, muratic acid removes some of the chemicals that make up the surface of the concete. If the stain is deep you'll need to use a stronger concentration of the muratic acid. If it's just a weak surface stain, you can dilute the acid. The muratic acid will destroy any clothing, especially cotton, that it touches. Even a drop will disolve the cotton where it touches. Concentrated muratic acid that gets in your eyes can cause blindness, so make sure you wear something to protect your eyes. It burns if you get the acid on your skin, so wear gloves and have plenty of water nearby. Beyond that, just put water in a plastic pail then add muratic acid to get to the concentration that you want. I use an automotive wheel cleaning brush to clean with muratic acid, I also wear rubber gloves when I'm using the stronger concentrations. Brush it on, work it a little then rinse it off with water. It takes a small amount of concrete off the surface and changes the appearance of the concrete, but it also removes the stain.For cleaning concrete, I would recommend using a citrus degreaser instead of muriatic acid. It is much more environmentally friendly, and you don't have to be a chemist to use it. You can purchase it at any professional construction material supply store. Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon. It also smells a lot better than muriatic acid!!

Why do construction crews leave spaces between slabs of concrete when they are building bridges roads or sidewalks?

For heat expansion in the winter or summer temperature changes.

What is expansion contraction joint how concrete expands contracts?

Concrete expands as it gets warmer and contracts as it gets colder. Left to itself these size changes can lead to cracks occurring, if different parts of the structure heats up/cools off at a different rate than other parts. By dividing the concrete into sections separated by joints that allow for some movement the thermal stresses can be managed and the risk of the concrete cracking goes away.

What is chemical reaction of PVC to concrete I want to use PVC pipe for water piping electrical power wiresinstalled in the concrete foundation and slab poured directly in contact. Any problem?

PVC does not react chemically with concrete, but PVC has a very large dimensional change when the temperature changes , so pipes that are carrying warm water expand. There are products available to wrap pipes going through concrete so that they have room to expand and do not wear through from grinding back and forth against the concrete as they expand and shrink.

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Can aluminum can be used for concrete reinforcement?

Concrete and Steel have very similar strain values (0.0035 and 0.003). They also have very similar temperature coefficients (10e-6 and 12e-6). This means that concrete reinforced with steel will bend and deform uniformly under load and temperature changes. Aluminum has a very different strain and temperature coefficient (0.016 and 22e-6). This means that while, yes, aluminum can be used for concrete reinforcement, the behaviour of an aluminum-reinforced concrete beam is much more difficult to predict. The strength of an aluminum-reinforced concrete beam would vary as the temperature changed and it would vary with the deflected shape. I would not recommend using aluminum to reinforce concrete.

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What chemical changes will happen when sugar water mixed with cement?

When Mixing sugar water with cement, If everything is done correctly you end up with one sweet concrete job......

Why is the cement floor made in small slabs rather than a single block?

With most concrete, the maximum possible joint-free surface area is 25 m2. Since concrete expands and contracts with moisture and temperature changes, crack control joints are required to prevent unsightly random surface cracking. These control joints help ensure that when the concrete cracks, it will crack in a predictable manner in a precise location.

What is contraction joint?

A contraction joint is a sawed, formed, or tooled groove in a concrete slab that creates a weakened vertical plane. It regulates the location of the cracking caused by dimensional changes in the slab.