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If your car isn't going into 2nd or reverse, chances are its a a worn synchro(s). You should look in to a re-man tranny or have that oen repaired...

Answeri know this... This happend to my 1992 Saturn. the car still works in the other gears, but you phisically cant get shifter down to 2nd reverse, and i think 4th too. (at least not smoothly)

when we took the plastic panels and toy like pieces apart around the shifter a bent bar was discovered. between the shifter and the front. making it machanically unable to move the "arms" if you will. we bent the bar back streight it worked again.

im not a machanic but this was my problem and i bet its this one too

PS. i cant spell,

Transmission linkage. Probably broke after some harsh shifting... its a cheap fix good luck

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:03:56
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Q: What can be the cause for a 1992 Saturn SC2 with a standard transmission not to go into second or reverse?
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