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For the ceiling to be damaged there is a leak! As to who's fault it is that is the question. It is determined by who is responsible in your apartment for the upkeep of what is leaking. Some of the causes could be a leaking tile wall or tub surround, water leaking where the valve or spout protrudes through the wall, a drain leaking, the shower valve or piping leaking, water spilling over the edge of the tub on the floor or even a roof or window leaking. I would recommend hiring a plumber to investigate and repair any leak that is occurring as most of the time it would be your responsibility for repair. A leak is not going to get any better on its own and water damage costs can be significant.

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Q: What can be the cause for your downstairs neighbor's bathroom ceiling leak and could it be your fault from your tub but there is no actual leak in your apartment anywhere and it's an old building?
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