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a number of things: the tires may be unbalanced; a ball joint could be bad; the allignment could be off; one of the tires might have a bubble in it...

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What are the Example of past future perfect continuous tense?

Present continuous: He is driving. Past continuous: He was driving. Future continuous: He will be driving. Present perfect continuous: He has been driving. Past perfect continuous: He had been driving. Future perfect continuous: He will have been driving.

What if the 100.00 dollar bill from 1934 is in perfect condition?

If it was in perfect condition it's fake.

What is value for citroen 2cv in perfect condition?

Depends of exact version and condition,price for citroen 2cv in perfect condition is up to 15000$

What is the present perfect of change?

I have changed.

What is the Value of a 1957B?

$1.50 in average condition, $5 in perfect condition

How much is a nook tablet worth when it is used?

Depends on how much it's used, or what condition it is in. Perfect condition: Around $99 Not so perfect condition: anything under $99

What is the driving distance between Richmond VA and Virginia Beach VA?

Plan on one and a half hours, although if traffice is *perfect* it can be done in an hour/fifteen min.

Which is the best Car Parking Driving Simulator game?

Car Parking Driving Simulator! It's the best way to understand all the rules of driving and also get to exercise them interesting, however only ten challenges that we did not find everything difficult. Perfect for what it was, although not much depth.

What is the value of a 1923 Liberty Dollar in perfect condition?

In perfect condition, it could be worth somewhere around 160$ or maybe a bit more.

What is the value of 1858 Remington 36 cal navy in perfect condition?

In ORIGINAL perfect condition the value could easily exceed 15,000 maybe even 20,000 but I'd be hard pressed to believe it's original perfect condition without examining it.

What is the value of a 1968 D dime in perfect condition?

6-19-11>>> If your "perfect condition" is uncirculated, it would sell for less than 50 cents.

Is perfect day an adverb?

No, although "on a perfect day" could be an adverb prepositional phrase. Perfect is an adjective and day is a noun.

What does immaculate condition mean?

perfect, flawless, untouched

What does the constitution give us?

the constitution gave us rights as US citizens. although it is not has been amended, or changed. it allowed us all to become one whole person..

What are the nine types of verb tense?

Here are the nine verb tenses paired with examples using the verb drive:Present (I am driving)Perfect (I drove)Imperfect (I was driving)Pluperfect (I had driven)Future Simple (I will drive)Future Simple (I will have driven)Present active (driving)Perfect active (having driven)Perfect passive (having been driving)

I had taken my food when my sister entered the house change into present perfect tense?

This sentence cannot be completely changed into present perfect tense. Past perfect and past simple are used like this to talk about two things in the past one thing - past perfect happened before the other - past simple. Present simple is not used this way. So the past perfect - had taken - can be changed, but the past simple - my sister entered - cannot be changed into present perfect. Present perfect = I have taken my food.

What is the value of a Remington 03 A3 in perfect condition with military sights?

Being that these are/were military rifles, any example in perfect condition would probably bring in 2K range.

What is the present perfect tense of you drive to town?

driving into town

1928 two dollar bill red seal?

$5 in average condition, $25 in perfect condition

What is better Xbox 360 slim or Xbox 360 e?

Even though slim overheats it does not get a RROD too often. The elite does. i have had a slim for a few years and nothing has changed still in perfect condition

What is the Value of a 1939 John Deere A?

in perfect condition $3500.00

A 1943 P Nickel is worth what?

in perfect condition 16$

How much is a 1940 nickel worth in perfect condition?


What is the best city driving game?

MIDTOWN MAMADNESS CHICAGO EDITION Perfect if you love driving around the city

Is there a discount vehicle insurance available in Pennsylvania for drivers with a perfect driving record?

Almost all insurance companies will offer incentives for a perfect driving record. You can shop around for the best incentive.

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