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There is no lower limit but absolute zero. At 1800 K water begins to come apart into 2H and O, dependent on pressure and temp.

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What happens to magnets when they are heated?

if magnets are heated in temperatures above 760 c they lose their magnetic properties

At what temperature should fresh meat be stored?

The maximum temperature at which meat should be stored should be 40 degrees. When heated, meat should reach temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Is steel a solid liquid or gas?

steel is all three. when it is heated it melts into a liquid. if it is heated even more it evaporates into a gas. if gas steel is cooled it condenses into liquid steel and if liquid steel is colled even more it hardens into a solid again

What are things that change when heated?

Most things change when heated, but at certain temperatures. For instance, ice cubes, water, metal, etc.

What happens when solid metals are heated in very high temperatures?

it turns into liquid

Is NaCl decreases when heated to 90 degree C?

No, NaCl is not affected by such temperatures.

How do neon lights produce colorful light?

Gases in them are heated into high temperatures.

What happens when matter is heated to extreme temperatures greater than 10000 degree Celsius?

when matter is heated to 10,000 degrees celsius it becomes plasma.

What happens when slate is heated?

Slate is among the natural stones that can withstand high temperatures.

How can water turn into steam or water vapour?

When water is heated at extremely high temperatures.

What happens when carbon compounds are heated sufficiently?

When carbon compounds are heated sufficiently, they will undergo thermal decomposition, or thermolysis. Different substances will have different decomposition temperatures.

What is the use of crucible?

A crucible is used to contain chemical compounds when heated to extremely high temperatures.

What does the sun have in it?

The sun is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium heated to extreme temperatures by nuclear fusion.

When an object is heated to higher temperatures what happens to its wavelength of emission?

the wavelength of emission becomes shorter

Do Bala sharks need a heated tank?

They live in around 75-85 degree temperatures

9 What happens to enzymes if you heat them up?

enzymes undergo denaturation when heated to high temperatures

Is plasticine solid or liquid?

Plasticine is a solid at room temperature, but when heated above 40 C, it becomes like paint. When heated in an oven at high temperatures, it is a liquid.

What happens to copper carbonate and sodium carbonate when heated?

They both release carbon dioxide,but at different temperatures

Is glass made from quartz?

glass itself is made from sand that has been heated at very high temperatures.

What Happens To Motor Oil At Different Temperatures?

when motor oil is heated it viscotity rises and becomes thicker

What is the definition of furnace?

an enclosed structure in which material can be heated to very high temperatures, e.g., for smelting metals.

What is the temperature before you call it steam?

Steam has a minimum temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius, because those are the temperature at which water boils under normal pressure. Once steam goes below those temperatures it turns back into water. Steam can be heated above those temperatures under certain conditions and is then called superheated steam.

Can a metal comb damage your hair?

yes it can damage your hair but that is if you heated it to a maximum level of heat.

Why is it logical for sugar cubes to dissovle under cooler temperatures?

It's not. Sugar molecules dissolve faster in warmer temperatures. When molecules are heated, they become agitated, causing dissolution to occur.

What counditions are necessary in order for metamorphic rock to form?

solid rock must be squeezed and heated to high temperatures.