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Had this problem paid 300 dollars to have it fixed, was told there was a "short " somewhere in the doors. This worked all of 2 weeks, fixed it myself after searching online for a couple of hours. It is the turn signal that needs to be replaced. Yes, the little thing that you use for turn signals/hazards lights, it's all one piece and easy to change, not rocket science. Ford Contours are notorious for this. I hope this helps somebody to not get ripped off by some shifty mechanic. == == Get yourself a 12 volt circuit tester with a sharp end. Have someone depress brake and then get under car and probe into the wires near the brake lights. Look at the color code of the wires going into the brake light and continue probing back into this color wire until you find the area that is causing the problem. I would really check around the junction connector near the rear bumper for corrosion.I hope this helps you.

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Q: What can be the problem a 1996 ford contour brake lights do not work but the rear window brake light works you checked bulbs and fuses and they appear fine?
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What would cause the signal lights to not work in a 1995 Ford Contour?

have you checked the fuses?

I have a 1998 contour my blinker lights and my emergency lights dont work what can be the problem?

Probably Flasher

What to do if tail lights and interior lights are out on a 2000 ford contour?

When your tail lights are out you can simply replace them. If they continue to blow, you may have an electrical problem.

If the door courtesy lights work in a 2004 Honda Accord after changing the fuse but map and dome lights do not Is there a separate fuse for them?

dome lights do not work. checked the fuse which is ok. checked the bulbs which are also ok. where is the problem

Have no interior lights at all in 81 buick regal what might be the problem?

checked fuses, or checked for voltage to interior light socket?

Why would the tail lights on a 1991 Ford Probe not work when the turning and brake lights do?

check all of the fuses.if they are ok, check the bulbs. If ok, have the headlight switch checked out. My dad has a 95 contour that had the same problem the tail lights and interior lights went out. There was some switch( I believe under the dash) that controled it, that had to be replaced by ford. I found this question actually looking for it because I had the same problem with my 93 Ford Probe. I tried everything. Changed fuses in car, checked bulbs, checked wiring, changed the brake light switch. Nothing worked. Finally figured out it was VERY simple problem!!! It was a fuse under the hood. There's a fuse box under there that I didn't even know of for a while. When I changed it I didn't even know if that was it and IT WAS. Now my dashlights and tail lights work. GOOD LUCK!!

How do you remove the instrument bezel on a 1982 Corvette?

I have no dash lights or gage lights that come on in my 1982 corvette, what could be the problem ? i checked all fuses.

Why do the dome lights not work in a suburban?

blowen fuse oh and check the bulbs I have the same problem with mine, I checked the bulbs and checked the fuses and they still dont work

When pressing brake lights on Mitsubishi lancer car the fuse blows?

It sounds as if you have an electrical problem that needs to be checked. You may even have the wrong fuse for your brake lights.

Does the 98 contour clock have lights?

Mine doesn't

Head Lights and Lights Flickering?

Have your alternator checked out.

My daytime running lights don't work?

i checked the fuses and don't know if this is the problem---should i lood for somethin else?

Have no brake lights on my 1991 Plymouth acclaim?

Check the bulbs to see if they are shot. If that does not resolve the problem check the fuse. If that does not resolve the problem take it to a mechanical and have it checked for wiring problems.

Toyota Sienna XLE 2000 bright lights make up mirror lights lights on the outside of the dashboard don't work. Checked fuses all are good.?

Can you please restate your question because I have no idea what is your problem.

Your signal lights does not work checked fuse and is not the problem what and where should you check next you have a 1990 buick lesabre?

there could be a bad ground for the lights, or there is a short somewhere between your fuse panel and your light

Why are both the abs brake lights on when the brakes work the same as they did before the lights came on?

That means that the ABS computer has detected an electrical malfunction, usually a sensor problem. You need to have it checked for codes.

How do I the tail lights on my 91 Chevrolet Silverado is not working and i can't find the problem checked fuses and the wires also?

Try the light bulb.

How do you turn on fog lights in a 2001 ford windstar?

Not exactly sure on the Windstar, but recently had the same question for a Contour: try pulling on the lightswitch. Note: the fog lights on the Contour can only be turned on when the headlights are on.

Do 95 Ford Contour hoods match 98 Ford Contour?

No the head lights are designed different from 95-97 to 98-00.

1991 Chevrolet Silverado have no brake lights nor signal lights on rear driver's side. have checked and double checked all bulbs. replace flasher. have rear park lights and have full light set up on p?

The taillight housiong on these trucks have a known problem. On the backside of the taillight housing is a circuitboard. They go bad.

What does it mean when the battery light and the park brake lights comes onin a 1990 vovlo 740 model?

You have a charging system problem, have the alternator checked

Why does the third brake light work but not the other two brake lights I have a 1996 Ford Contour?

I am not sure on a ford but i had about the same problem on a GM car i had and it was the turn signal switch i replaced it and all the brake lights worked fine you might try that

Brake lights do not work on 2005 Nissan sentra?

Check the brake switch under your pedal (which needs to be pushed when the brake pedal is depressed). This is what the problem was on my friends Sentra. As long as you have checked the lights and fuses, this should do it.

What lights on a semi can not be checked at the same time?

Brake lights and tail lights. (Unless you have a spotter telling you of course)

1996 tercel brake lights turn off?

This could be caused by a malfunctioning fuse. fuses will need to be checked. the light bulbs within the tail lights wil need to be checked. the switch under the brake pedal will need to be check to make sure it it activating properly. if all else fails it could be a wire problem and your wire system will need to be checked